George Stephanopoulos Asks Biden About Cuomo, Talk About a Set-up Question

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

George Stephanopoulos covered a few different subjects in his interview of Joe Biden which is supposed to air in full tomorrow on “Good Morning America,” but they’ve released some clips of it tonight.

My colleague Bonchie dealt with Biden’s lies about illegal immigration earlier. He tried to deny that he was responsible for the surge of illegal aliens that he encouraged.

One of the other topics was that of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Biden actually had some interesting things to say.

Stephanopoulos made the question easy for him, “If the investigation confirms the claims of the women, should he resign?”

Biden responded, “Yes…I think he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too,” which was an interesting answer since he didn’t have to volunteer that.

Then he immediately goes into the routine, “A woman should be presumed to be telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and victimized by her coming forward.” Except of course if her name is Tara Reade and she accuses Joe Biden, right?

He seemed to realize that he was reading from the old script, not the updated script, where it now isn’t “believe all women,” but instead, when it comes to Democrats, we must say nice things about the women but we don’t have to believe them. Amending it slightly, he said, “It takes a lot for a woman to come forward, some are not…” He doesn’t finish that, stopping himself from what sounds like an attack on women.

As I predicted, Stephanopoulos basically tossed softballs. The question and the response are no-brainers. The actual question everyone else has been getting is “do you think he should resign now” (based on what we know now). Stephanopoulos asks a “lay-up” question: do you think he should resign if it confirms the claims? What’s he supposed to answer to that? No? This is such a set-up question.

Now, of course, the question about Cuomo would be the place that a reporter would ask Biden about the claims against him. But notice how there’s nothing of that. And I’m not going to hold out any hope that that will come out in the full interview tomorrow because you know he didn’t ask it.

Notice what else is missing in the Cuomo questions, too. Nothing at all about the nursing home scandal. Why? Because that’s the one that can hit Democrats bad, encompassing more than just Cuomo, a raft of cover-up, and other Democratic governors. They don’t want to destroy the ‘pandemic hero vs. Trump’ false reality they set up either. And because if they were actually honest about what we already know about the order and the cover-up in the case, that alone should already be sufficient for anyone to be calling for him to resign. That’s why they’re completely avoiding that.

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