The Latest Word From Fauci Might Just Make You Want to Rip Your Hair Out

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

At what point did our society hand over our lives to government bureaucrats?

Over this past year, it surely has seemed that we have done that, with so much of society being dictated to, not only by those bureaucrats, but by seemingly arbitrary rules that they then imposed like a religion and upon which then, so many policy decisions were then based.

All based on one virus, but not based on considerations of a raft of other viruses/illnesses/freedoms/jobs/school or other concerns.

We saw “guidance” from Dr. Anthony Fauci change from masks not being necessary in March of 2020 to, most recently, him saying double masking was likely better. We saw some then thinking the more masks, the better (breathing being optional).

Now there’s another massive flip from Fauci and it’s really enough to make you want to rip your hair out and say exactly what’s going on here and how is this guy in charge of anything?

For a long time now, we’ve been told by the CDC to “socially distance,” keep six feet away from each other, to help slow the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

But over the weekend, Fauci gave an interview during which he said that schools could probably keep a three-foot distance in order to be able to reopen the schools that were still closed.

CNN’s Jake Tapper brought up a Massachusetts study that showed there was no real difference in spread in schools between six feet of distancing vs. three feet of distancing. Tapper asked Fauci if this suggested that three feet might be enough?

From Townhall:

“It does indeed,” Fauci said. “What the CDC wants to do is they want to accumulate data. When the data shows that there is an ability to be 3 feet, they will act accordingly. They have clearly noted those data. They are, in fact, doing studies themselves. And when the data are just analyzed, and it’s going to be soon.”

“The CDC is very well-aware that data are accumulating making it look more like 3 feet are okay under certain circumstances. They’re analyzing that. And I can assure you within a reasonable period of time, quite reasonable, they will be giving guidelines according to data that they have,” he continued. “It won’t be very long, I promise you.”

So basically, sure, three feet could be fine. But they’re not sure yet because they don’t have the data in yet after more than a year?

Are you kidding me? Does he even comprehend how many policy decisions all over the country were based on this? How much money just was passed in the $1.9 trillion bill for schools to have social distancing at six feet (without any guarantee that the schools reopen, by the way). Funny how this comes in after that massive amount of money was passed. From schools to stores to airports to Disney World, all based on this random number.

According to Tapper, it was one of the main hurdles that allegedly kept some schools from reopening. So, how many kids have suffered because of this random number? How can you even measure the harm? But don’t worry! Fauci and the CDC are on it! And they’ll let you know. Soon.