BLM/Antifa Folks Storm Banks in Portland, Try To Break Into Federal Courthouse, It Doesn't Go Well

AP Photo/Paula Bronstein

While Democratic politicians obsess about a three hour riot that happened months ago, leftist riots attacking the government continue apace, not that Democrats care or are paying any attention.


BLM/Antifa folks, you know those Antifa folks that Joe Biden says are “just an idea” attacked the federal courthouse in Portland during the day. It was almost as if they heard Merrick Garland during his confirmation hearing that if they attacked at night he wouldn’t consider it domestic terrorism but if it interrupted processes during the day that would qualify. Paging Merrick Garland..does this qualify yet?

Warning for loud graphic language and utter lunacy.

They throw some kind of liquid on one of the guards inside the courthouse.

This guy screamed at the officers basically encouraging them to shoot him as they try to get in.

They try to storm it again, but more federal officers come out to stop them.

They start smashing the windows.


Federal officers pushed them back from the courthouse.

According to the Post Millennial, their complaint of the day was:

[T]o protest against something called Line 3. Which according to a piece last month from The Guardian is an upcoming pipeline proposal to transfer “nearly 1m barrels of tar sands a day from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wisconsin.” A move that is facing pushback from activists over it being constructed through Native American lands, as well as concerns about the health of the water supply as a result.

Not only did they try to break in there, but earlier in the day they tried to break into a Chase Bank and did manage to get into the lobby. A security guard was not amused with these crazies and pulled a gun on them. They also got into a Wells Fargo.

So great this is just an idea, right and not a continuing problem that has exist for almost a year?


Unfortunately what they’re doing about it is absolutely nothing because leftists. Even were any of these folks to be arrested, their charges would be dismissed. They know they’re completely free to do whatever they want without any fear of being locked up for anything.

Good thing the Guard is in D.C. where there’s no threat and not in Portland which has been under constant threat for almost a year. Paging Joe Biden! This is the federal government being attacked. What is your response?



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