Miami Herald Reporter Tries to Dunk All Over Ron DeSantis, But Gets Smacked With Reality

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Democrats and media (forgive me, I repeat myself) are so invested in trying to ding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. You’d think he was running for president tomorrow instead of somewhere a bit down the road. But they’re definitely going all in now to smear him, even doing ridiculous cartwheels to make him look bad while completely ignoring the horrible things of that actual slime bucket they termed a “hero of the pandemic” NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.


A Miami Herald reporter tried to attack him in a tweet today, implicitly criticizing the wait on a line to a FEMA-supported vaccination site in Florida. It’s FEMA supported, but state run.

But if she thought that was a big dunk on Governor DeSantis (which she clearly intended), that was a big fail. She got ratioed back into next week and was flooded with criticism.

First of all, since most people still haven’t been able to get any vaccine, waiting for any period of time isn’t really much of a hardship. People chastised her for criticizing when they can’t even get it even if they wanted to wait.

Second, this was one line at one very popular site in Miami. Other sites didn’t have that problem, as people like this Twitter user let her know.

So she was trying to craft a narrative based on the one site administered by folks out of Miami. It also seems that this site had more lax rules as to who was getting it, they were taking people who haven’t signed up or made an appointment, as well as other people when apparently they weren’t getting enough people who did meet the criteria set by the state. That’s likely why there were so many people unlike the other sites. So with broader parameters to take more people, it stands to reason that there would be more people.


Plus there was another small problem with her story. She claimed the woman was waiting in line since 4:30, but the site didn’t open until 7 a.m. so the wait between 4:30 and 7 a.m. isn’t even due to the site. But hey, why be honest when you’re doing a political hit? This isn’t the first effort by folks from the Miami Herald against DeSantis, as we reported before. Sorry, folks, failed again.


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