Another Shooting Death in a BLM 'Autonomous Zone,' This Time in Minneapolis

AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

Chalk up another death in another BLM autonomous zone.

Minneapolis has an “autonomous zone” which grew up in the blocks surrounding the area where George Floyd died. The area, now referred to as George Floyd Square was made into a memorial.


On Saturday, a man was shot in the zone, near the square, and he later died at the hospital. There was a report of a second victim but he was not found.

Here’s alleged video of the aftermath of the shooting. It starts with people ducking down behind a car, presumably after the shots. Warning graphic.

But when the police responded to the site, they were initially met with resistance by the BLM folks guarding the autonomous zone, according to the Star Tribune. Police believe based upon their initial investigation that the victim and the shooter knew each other and had an argument. The victim was allegedly black.

According to the Washington Examiner, barriers and gates were blocking off the area and no white people were allowed to enter the area to allow for “healing” of the community, one of the activists said.


That’s upsetting to the neighbors who actually live there, like Teresa Stiller, who lives a block away.

“We live here. We want to live here. This isn’t their neighborhood. I’ve had bullets whiz by me right here,” Stiller said on the sidewalk outside her home Sunday afternoon. “I have post-traumatic stress disorder now. Whenever I hear a loud noise, I either start crying, or I duck.”

Her neighbor Steve who says he’s a liberal has also had enough.

“We’re sick of it. I’ve got guys at the store telling me the Bloods [gang] were helping protect the place because others wanted to come and burn the place down altogether,” Steve, a self-identified liberal, said. “Check the [city council] out, with the rookie Mayor [Jacob Frey] and all these people who are comfortable [with what’s going on].”

Both primarily blame the BLM for the rise in lawlessness and the intimidation of the people who actually live there. Because of the moves to curtail the police by government officials, homicides and other crimes have surged and Teresa and Steve’s neighbors are selling and fleeing the area.

Minneapolis police say that the ‘autonomous zone’ delayed cops and EMS response to a brutal assault back in September, too, as I reported at that time.

Here’s what it looked like then.


I asked then if the local officials were going to wait to do something about it until there was a tragedy as there had been in Seattle. Apparently, the answer was yes.

But unfortunately, it may be about to get worse. Because Derek Chauvin’s trial begins today. Chauvin is the cop charged in the death of Floyd and given the medical examiner’s findings in the case, there’s a lot of question as to whether he will be convicted. If he isn’t, the area may explode once again.


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