Susan Rice Takes a Swipe at Trump Advisor Stephen Miller, Ends Up Hitting Herself and Biden

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It was a guarantee that the Biden team was going to try to slip Susan Rice somewhere in the mix of power, Rice being Barack Obama’s right hand.

But it was also pretty much a guarantee that they knew the controversial Rice would have a rough time getting Senate approval from Republicans given her infamous Benghazi lies as well as her involvement in the unmasking questions. So they gave her a position that didn’t require Senate approval.


She was tapped for “Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council,” a position that controls the development and implementation of the domestic policy agenda (except certain economic aspects) that Joe Biden puts forth. So if you see crazy immigration decisions, as we’ve seen, guess who is behind them? It’s her. If you see other wild domestic policy, it’s likely going to be her. Already we see the Biden team being overwhelmed because of the ridiculous policies with a full-blown immigration crisis underway, they’re already having to open up more ‘migrant facilities’ to deal with the surge which is becoming a flood.

Meanwhile ironically she got the office of Trump senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller’s old office, Miller who actually helped to get illegal immigration under control.

The left of course falsely demonized Miller as some kind of a white supremacist despite the fact that he was Jewish and his family came to this country fleeing pogroms in Europe. But sense doesn’t matter when you’re talking about Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So Rice fed into the crazy conspiracy theories. The reports claimed that she “saged” the office and put up a painting by a Haitian artist depicting black people walking on a street. Burning sage is supposed to help eliminate negative energy.


She lent support to those reports with this tweet:

The left celebrated her dig at Miller.

A journalist, of course:

Except as with anything revolving around Susan Rice, there were a couple of small problems with this ‘gotcha.’

A Native American attorney noted that there was potentially a question of cultural appropriation and a problem if white sage was used because it was essentially sacred and not to be used.

Others argued that it might have been a part of her Afro-Caribbean background but that didn’t appease the folks arguing the other side.

But then there were other issues with her post.

Jake Johnston of Haiti Aid Watch said that Rice had allegedly threatened to withhold aid in order to influence the Haitian elections at the time.


Then, there was also the problem that while Biden has been suggesting there are legitimate claims of asylum for folks coming from Central America (who are coming largely for economic reasons), the Biden team is deporting Haitians who may have some real claims of asylum.

So in the end, her effort to take a jab at Miller instead put a spotlight on her own issues and failures of the Biden team.



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