What's Happened to Many of the Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Should Infuriate You

What's Happened to Many of the Federal Cases Against Portland Rioters Should Infuriate You
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

We know that the radical leftists who have violently rioted for months in Portland were basically “caught and released” by the local Portland authorities. The radical district attorney was largely uninterested in prosecuting most of the people charged.

But a lot of the people were arrested for attacking the federal courthouse, federal agents or other federal property so they could face federal charges. So it looked like maybe they might actually face some consequences from a Trump DOJ.

“Make no mistake: those who commit violence in the name of protest, will be investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and face prison time,” the-then U.S. Attorney Billy Williams promised in September.

Unfortunately, not only doesn’t he seem to have kept that promise, now there’s been a sea change at the DOJ as well as across other aspects of the federal government because of Joe Biden.

So when a KGW reporter went to check on where some of those federal charges were at, he found a pretty troubling statistic.

Federal prosecutors have dismissed more than one-third of cases, 31 of the 90 cases including both misdemeanor and felony charges. Most of the dismissed cases were “dismissed with prejudice” meaning the case cannot be refiled, it’s done. One of the more serious cases dismissed was against four defendants who allegedly assaulted a federal officer.

At least 11 of the 31 cases were dismissed under Biden and many more cases are likely to get dismissed soon, according to the report.

According to Williams:

“Each case was analyzed for the evidence that we had at the time. Careful decisions were being made on whether or not someone should be charged based on the evidence,” former Portland U.S. attorney Billy Williams told KGW. “And then how it proceeds from there—if there is either new evidence that has developed or an appropriate resolution of the case—everything is case specific.”

Sorry. I don’t believe you. The reason that the violence and criminal action continues on even now is because there are no consequences, either locally or federally. There is no longer seems to be any justice system when politics/leftists/Democrats are involved. From the failure to go after Hillary Clinton to now. We saw likely hundreds of man hours go into tracking down folks and pursuing prosecution federally in the case of a three hour riot with most of the charges being misdemeanor illegal entry in the Capitol riot. Yet, here, where you had the same people rioting again and again for months, where locking up the violent people would actually stop the violent criminal action, they’ve declined to do so.

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