Aide: Gov. Cuomo 'Groomed Me' for Sex

Aide: Gov. Cuomo 'Groomed Me' for Sex
Office of the NY Governor via AP

Looks like CBS may have an interview that is going to add more fuel to the fire to the calls for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign.

Cuomo is under investigation in both the nursing home deaths scandal and for alleged sexual harassment of two aides.

One of those aides, Charlotte Bennett, who was a former executive assistant for Cuomo, just gave an interview to CBS and she says that Cuomo “groomed” her for sex.

Bennett explains that Cuomo asked her about her sex life and whether she “had sex with older men.” Gee, wonder why he’s asking that? He also gave her the classic line, that he was “lonely.” If he had had a wife, that’s where he would have said “she doesn’t understand me and we’re just married in name only while we’re working toward a divorce.”

Bennett said it was clear he was trying to sleep with her and that she “felt horribly uncomfortable and scared.”

Asked what she wanted the governor to do at this point, O’Donnell said that Bennett responded that she wanted the governor to start telling the truth and called him a “textbook abuser.” She described the workplace atmosphere and detailed a lot of the questions that Cuomo would ask her when they were working alone together including about her personal life, her sex life, her preferences and her past sexual history.

CBS is going to have more of the interview on tonight.

Bennett’s lawyer said that this damaged her career because Bennett left the job so she wouldn’t have to deal with him. O’Donnell said the lawyer called Cuomo’s behavior “harassment” and “predatory behavior.”

Cuomo spoke about the allegations on Wednesday and denied ever doing anything inappropriate. His adviser Beth Garvey claims that he treated Bennett with “sensitivity and respect.”

Cuomo has also been accused by former aide Lindsey Boylan of inappropriate behavior including forcing a kiss on the lips in his office. Another woman he didn’t even know, Anna Ruch, said he inappropriate touched her at a wedding when he touched her back and asked if he could kiss her while cupping her face in his hands. There’s a picture of that encounter, as we have previously reported.

It’s incredible with thousands of people dead and now these harassment allegations that this guy is still in office and refusing to resign. He’s definitely on another whole level of disgusting as a human being with how he tried to “apologize” on Wednesday. He’s hoping that if he apologizes, while admitting nothing, that he might skate through the news cycle and do a Ralph Northam. I think he’ll find, though, that people will not let him skate on all this.

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