Dana Bash Asks Jen Psaki If She Believes New Accuser Against Cuomo, It Doesn't Go Well for Either One of Them

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It’s been only about a month, but already it’s an adventure whenever Jen Psaki tries to answer any questions from a reporter.

Will you get “I’ll circle back,” “[Fill in the blank] that’s question and we appointed a woman” or some other convoluted form of a non-answer.

But she went on CNN with Dana Bash, but it didn’t really go well for either one of them.

Bash asked about Psaki’s reaction to the second sexual harassment allegation against Gov. Andrew Cuomo and if Joe Biden believes the second woman, Charlotte Bennett or Governor Cuomo. But Bash mixed up the names a bit calling Andrew Cuomo, “Chris Cuomo.” Whoops.

But you could see Psaki’s eyes shifting back and forth on that one as Bash asked that question but she shifted into the Democratic default position when they get asked about a Democrat and sexual harassment. When it was a Republican, for example Brett Kavanaugh, it was we have to “Believe all women” period, no questioning allowed. Now, it’s that we just need to “hear” those women (until we can shunt them to the side again like Tara Reade) if they accuse a Democrat. Now, with Democrats, we need to hear from both sides/have an investigation, not things they would even concede with Republicans.

So let’s flashback to what Psaki said during the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and how she attacked the measured response of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in looking at both sides of the question.

Collins explained that while she found Christine Blasey Ford credible, she didn’t think there was enough evidence to prove it “more likely than not,” basically not even a criminal standard (beyond a reasonable doubt), she was just giving it the civil action standard and didn’t think it met it. Psaki called Collins a “coward” and a “fake feminist” for her position.

From The Hill:

Psaki said Sunday that those people who worry about men being condemned without sufficient evidence misunderstand the problems facing America.

“It’s much more likely that women hold back and they don’t put these accusations forward than they don’t. That is the issue in this country, not being falsely accused,” Psaki said, adding that it is “absolutely irresponsible” to weigh the risks to men and women posed by Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Psaki said that Collins was “trying to have it all ways.”

“You can’t say somebody is credible and then completely question their story,” she argued.

Really? So tell us, Jen, are you saying that Charlotte Bennett and Lindsay Boylan aren’t credible? Because it sure sounds like you’re now trying to apply a Collins standard to these Cuomo allegations. So are you a “coward” or a “fake feminist?”