Reality Hits Mitch McConnell, Now He Flips Again on Trump

During the last impeachment trial, it seemed like Cocaine Mitch had lost his mind, with the Senate Republican leader blasting President Donald Trump, of whom he had previously been supportive. Trump being Trump, then, of course, fired back.


But now, it’s sounding like reality is dawning on McConnell — what a bad move that was.

McConnell was on with Bret Baier last night on “Special Report.” Baier read him Trump’s statement and asked McConnell about the dust-up between the two.

“We’re looking forward,” McConnell said dismissing any animosity.

McConnell said that the Republican Party was in very good shape, that we gained seats in the House (15 in what can only be called a red wave in the House), still had 50 Senators, and flipped two state legislatures while Democrats didn’t flip any.

Baier asked McConnell if there was a ‘civil war’ in the GOP. McConnell said no and pointed instead to the issues in the Democratic Party. He said the progressive actions from Joe Biden have made it quite easy for the Republicans to get together.


When asked if he would support Trump if he were the nominee of the party, McConnell responded, “The nominee of the party? Absolutely.”

So, it sounds like McConnell may have just returned to reality after his fit.

It may be because the polls are pretty clear on where the base is on all this and it wasn’t with Mitch’s tantrum.

As we previously reported, the polls are indicating that nearly half of Republicans, 46%, would ditch the party for a new Trump-formed party. 27% wouldn’t and the rest were undecided, meaning they might.

Not to mention that most of the Republicans that jumped ship and went along with impeachment are getting censured by the local parties, giving an indication of where they all stand. Virtually all Republicans, eight out of ten, are also saying that such an impeachment vote would make it less likely that they’d vote for such a Republican.


This should have been a huge wake-up call to Mitch — if he didn’t already get it.

But it might be a little too late for him to personally recover with the base when he so publicly tried to flay President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, if he votes for extremely flawed Biden candidates like Merrick Garland, as he has indicated he would, that’s not helping him to work his way back since he built his Cocaine Mitch appeal by standing in the way of Democrats. The future is in standing in the breach against the takeover, not helping it along.

HT: Townhall


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