Left Flips out at Golden Image of Trump in Flip Flops Seen at CPAC

Left Flips out at Golden Image of Trump in Flip Flops Seen at CPAC
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Many folks on the left really just have no sense of humor and seem to be always angry.

And they most definitely can’t take a troll or a joke.

Which is why so many of them flipped out when they saw a gold image of President Donald Trump in shorts and flip-flops being wheeled through the halls of CPAC. Talk about triggered!

What was the reaction of the CPAC attendees? To laugh and find it amusing. It was from the “Look Ahead America Foundation” which was formed by former Trump campaign staffers.

Many on the left did in fact melt down, suggesting that CPAC folks were a cult with a golden idol, with some actually citing the Bible and suggesting that this was a golden graven image.

But of course, apparently not understanding their Bible well, they apparently missed a rather critical part of that story. Did you notice any of the CPAC folks worshipping the golden image of Trump? Actually, it was the left taking it far more seriously than anyone on the right appeared to.

There wasn’t any worshipping of Trump in Flip Flops and Shorts (these leftists obviously missed all that and the humor of it).

But now that we’re talking about the Bible and images, let’s have a little flashback party to some things that the left was completely cool with about Barack Obama.

Let’s revisit with the sand sculpture to Barack Obama at the 2012 DNC.

How about Messiah Obama? If we want to talk about offensive, this, for sure beats Trump in Flip Flops.

Where were the objections from Democrats to any of that? Democratic media literally embraced the idea and encouraged it and not in a humorous way.

Liberals disturbed by adults having fun at a political conference? Oh, and I’m sure they missed out on this little gem of how kids were made to sing this Obama tribute song with the big “O” for Obama symbol in the background. Talk about indoctrination and cult think. This is a Reason remix with added comparison to North Korea.

Maybe instead of being outraged at humor, they could actually read a little bit more of that Bible that they don’t seem to know well enough and learn how to better deal with people.

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