Former Cuomo Aide Makes Troubling Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Him, Now More Calls to Investigate Cuomo

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s day just keeps getting worse and worse. Quite frankly, it couldn’t be more deserved for someone who has gotten away with so much for so long.


We’ve been reporting a lot about the nursing home scandal and his alleged threat against Assemblyman Ron Kim, since we were one of the first to break the story about the cover-up in May of last year. The FBI and DOJ are now looking into the allegations. As we reported, there could be some serious potential criminal consequences for Cuomo.

But now that that’s happened and people believe that finally the wall of protection around Cuomo has finally cracked, that’s opened the floodgates, with more people now willing to come forward to alleged abuse by Cuomo.

My colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier about former City and State editor in chief Morgan Pehme said he’d been threatened by Melissa De Rosa, Cuomo’s secretary and that everyone seemed to have a Cuomo story of how they’d been pulled, with stories quashed because people were fearful of coming up on the bad side of Cuomo.

But on top of all that, Lindsay Boylan, a former aide to Cuomo, accused him of sexual harassment, according to Fox News. She was his deputy security for economic development and a special adviser. She said there was a “pervasive” culture of “sexual harassment and bullying.”

Boylan described how they were flying home once from an even in October 2017 when Cuomo suggested that they play “strip poker.”


She said on other occasions that he would “go out of his way to touch me on my lower back, arms and legs” and that he had kissed her on the lips. She also said he compared her to his old girlfriend and said they could be sisters but she was the “better looking sister.” He also smirked at her while showing her some cigars he’d gotten from Bill Clinton. Boylan said she had been warned by other staffers to “be careful around the Governor.”

Boylan made reference to this in December and ultimately decided she had to say something to stop it from happening to other people. She said that after she made her remarks two other women contacted her and told her about their experiences with Cuomo but were afraid to come forward.

From NY Post:

“One described how she lived in constant fear, scared of what would happen to her if she rejected the Governor’s advances,” she wrote.

“The other said she was instructed by the Governor to warn staff members who upset him that their jobs could be at risk. Both told me they are too afraid to speak out.”

Cuomo’s spokespeople denied the allegations and some of his aides claimed that the alleged incident on the plane in October 2017 didn’t happen.

But now the wall has cracked and that likely isn’t going to stop people from looking into this allegation.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is calling for Cuomo’s resignation, calling him a “predator.”


Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat, who says he was threatened by Cuomo, says he supports Boylan too.

The Sexual Harassment Working Group in Albany is calling for an investigation into Cuomo’s behavior too.

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