Dem Rep. Ro Khanna: 'We Don't Want' Small Businesses That Can't Pay $15/Hour Minimum Wage

Dem Rep. Ro Khanna: 'We Don't Want' Small Businesses That Can't Pay $15/Hour Minimum Wage
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Democrats really have forgotten the American worker, they are so intent upon pushing their agenda for control.

We’ve already seen this in the first moves from Joe Biden which weren’t about helping Americans or America, they were all about radical agendas over climate change and immigration. For example, Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline not caring how that it would throw thousands out of their jobs during a pandemic where the economy was already under stress.

Now in Biden’s virus “relief” bill he’s pushing for the big ticket Democratic agenda item: the $15/hour minimum wage.

Biden apparently doesn’t give a darn if that causes businesses to fold or that it will throw people out of work, he’s bowing to the wishes of the left.

So what do the Democrats think about these legitimate concerns about their radical policies?

CNN’s Abby Phillip asked Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and he showed just how clueless and evil their approach is.

“Businesses like Amazon and McDonald’s, for example, can and perhaps should, pay more, but I’m wondering, what is your plan for smaller businesses?” CNN’s Abby Phillip inquired. “How does this, in your view, affect mom and pop businesses who are just struggling to keep their doors open, keep workers on the payroll right now?”

“Well, they shouldn’t be doing it by paying people low wages,” Khanna responded. “We don’t want low-wage businesses. I think most successful small businesses can pay a fair wage.” So if businesses go under and jobs are lost because of this so what because they should be paying more, he thinks.

He claimed he “loved” small businesses but not those who were “underpaying.” “I love small businesses,” he claimed. “I’m all for it but I don’t want small businesses that are underpaying employees. It’s fair for people to make what they’re producing and I think $15 is very reasonable in this country.” He actually claimed that if workers were paid for their “productivity” they would be paid $23/hour. So if you think they’re going to stop, he’s likely hinting where they’d go next if they get what they want now.

Remember when Democrats used to pretend they cared about the local businesses, that they cared about the little mom and pop shops? Well, he just blew that fiction apart, for sure. What this actually benefits is the big places like Amazon that can afford it and monopolize the market. The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that this move will cost at least 1.4 million jobs at time where we are still in a pandemic. He doesn’t give a darn about that.

When Khanna was pressed upon whether he might have to compromise, that that might be an impediment to passage of the relief bill, he got snotty and said well maybe it was time for moderates to compromise and leave that provision in the bill.

By the way, this guy was also a friend on Facebook of Fang Fang, the alleged Chinese spy with whom Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had a relationship and who tried to get close to a host of California politicians.

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