CNN's April Ryan Spreads Complete Horse Hockey About Ted Cruz's Dog, Ric Grenell Drops Her and CNN

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Democrats are all in trying to attack Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for going to Cancun with his family during the bad weather and energy issues going on in Texas when they didn’t have heat in their house. Cruz is not a state official and pretty much could do anything that needed to be done by phone. But Democrats went after the optics of it. Of course the main reason they’re trying to go after him is not just to bash on Cruz, but to deflect from a real scandal – that of their Wuhan coronavirus “hero” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally imploding over the nursing home scandal during which so many of the most vulnerable seniors died.


How desperate are they? Remember the crazy in 2012 when they claimed that Mitt Romney was trying to kill his dog by strapping him to the top of the car? They went for the dog again, in a much less successful attack on Cruz. Democrats always overplay their hand.

NY Magazine’s Michael Hardy and CNN’s April Ryan both spread the story that when the Cruz family went to Cancun they left their dog, little Snowflake home alone. In the words of April Ryan “abandoned.”

Of course, this wasn’t quite true if you actually read the NY Mag story by Michael Hardy and not just the tweet. But folks on the left apparently don’t read. Hardy went to Cruz’s house and saw the dog in the house through the front door. Turns out that there was a security guy who Hardy encountered at Cruz’s house who said he had been attending to the dog.

So the whole story about the dog being “abandoned” was false and ridiculous from the outset. But that didn’t stop people from spreading it.


On top of that, Hardy posted a tweet of the front of Cruz’s house, which tweet is still up without any kind of flag from Twitter. “Just drove by Ted Cruz’s house in Houston. His lights are off but a neighbor told me the block got its power back last night. Also, Ted appears to have left behind the family poodle,” Hardy said, with the tweet showing the dog through the door. I’m not posting it so as not to further spread anything that might identify Cruz’s house.

Remember when the Project Veritas account was permanently banned supposedly because it showed a house number without even identifying the city, place or zip code. But here, Hardy took a full-on shot of the house, identified it as being in Houston. In his story, linked by the tweet, he even identified the style of the house as well as the particular Houston neighborhood the house was in. He also doesn’t include in the tweet that the dog wasn’t left alone. Twitter had no problem with the tweet.

Apparently now having someone watch your dog is abandoning him. Most people leave their dogs home when they go away, either with a sitter, a neighbor watching or some such arrangement.

But imagine the faux outrage these folks are showing. Most liberal media has done more talking and painting Cruz as evil in the past two days than they have about NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in a scandal surrounding the deaths of thousands of the most vulnerable seniors in nursing homes in his state, as we observed earlier. Hardy even goes to Cruz’s house. Imagine if the media had shown this initiative over Cuomo’s scandal? Imagine it they were this concerned about people being threatened as a Democratic lawmaker allegedly was by Cuomo.


Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell made exactly that point in response to April Ryan, calling her and CNN out on their bias, and dunking all over her comment.


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