Biden Immigration Bill Details Are Insane, Including Allowing Previously Deported Illegal Aliens Back In

Biden Immigration Bill Details Are Insane, Including Allowing Previously Deported Illegal Aliens Back In
Image via ICE press release

We’ve already seen incredibly bad moves by Joe Biden when it comes to immigration from trying to suspend deportations for 100 days, encouraging a huge surge in illegal immigration, to releasing illegal aliens into the country without a test for the Wuhan coronavirus while at the same time bandying about domestic travel restrictions on Americans.

But if Biden had his way and got his new immigration bill passed, it very quickly get a whole lot worse and codify all the desires of those on the left. CBS has a pretty good breakdown here and here’s a link to the full 353 page bill.

The highlights are not good.

It provides for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, not just Dreamer kids, but every illegal alien that was here before Biden came in, gets to be a citizen within eight years. In the meantime, every illegal alien would be able to request temporary deportation relief and work permits, and that would prevent them from being deported. So basically, amnesty and pathway to citizenship. And they can get their family members in after that in the interests of “family unity.” It’s basically an open door.

If illegal aliens were deported previously under President Donald Trump, then Biden will give them a “humanitarian waiver” to come back to the United States and stay if they had been here for three years before they were deported. So even if they were gone, Biden is going to bring them back. Notice nothing said about why they were deported which is often because of criminal activity, that’s how ICE usually trips on illegal aliens.

The bill would do away with regulations that go all the way back to Bill Clinton that bars illegal aliens who leave the country from coming back in for three or ten years, curb the ability of presidents to ban groups of immigrants and ban all reference to the term alien in immigration laws, replacing it with “noncitizen.”

After all the attention over the “separation of children” and the kids in ‘cages’ mantra, the bill provision referencing that is interesting.

According to CBS:

DHS would be required to issue new guidelines governing the care of migrant minors that would prohibit the department from separating children from their parents for the purposes of deterring migration or encouraging compliance with U.S. immigration law.

But notice how that reads. It doesn’t say we will prohibit separating children from parents. It says we will prohibit them from separating “for the purposes of deterring migration or encouraging compliance with the law.” In other words, if the Biden folks “purpose” is “good” then apparently you can separate away, as they are no doubt doing for the same reasons that was done under the Trump Administration – because of the various legal requirements. Because their motives aren’t about compliance with the law or stopping illegal immigration, it’s all cool now. Watch there be no further discussion of separations except from the far left activists and conservatives pointing out the hypocrisy.

Biden also not only wants amnesty and a path for citizenship for every illegal alien, he wants to open the doors of legal immigration and raise all the caps at a time where our economy has greatly suffered because of the pandemic lockdowns and rules. So he’s going to make it even harder for Americans.

Meanwhile, the bill excludes mandatory E-verify so it’s basically telling employers they’re free to hire illegal aliens.

What’s saving us so far from this passing is the filibuster. But that’s why leftists are trying to eliminate the filibuster to pistol whip this monstrosity on through.

This needs to be loudly denounced, because in addition to all the other problems with it, it comes at a time where it’s going to do great harm to the already greatly harmed American worker.

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