Biden and Dems Claimed 'China Virus' 'Xenophobic,' Joe Just Shot Himself in the Foot Big Time Last Night

Biden and Dems Claimed 'China Virus' 'Xenophobic,' Joe Just Shot Himself in the Foot Big Time Last Night
AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Remember how Democrats flipped their lid all last year when President Donald Trump called the Wuhan coronavirus the “China virus?” They claimed that that was somehow xenophobic to use the place name despite the fact that viruses have been named by the place name of assumed origin for millennia. Also, Trump’s purpose in using the term was to remind people about the cover-up by the Chinese government which Democrats and particularly Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seemed quite eager to forget. The CCP was even claiming that we spread it to them which should have had our lawmakers calling them out but, of course, Democrats didn’t do so.

As Omri Ceren, National Security advisor to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) observed, Biden even issued a memo ordering that “xenophobic” language and “references to COVID-19 by geographic location of its origin” should be eliminated from any government discussions or memos on the virus.

Except that, keeping that in mind, Joe Biden went on the CNN town hall last night and showed how empty their “xenophobic” claims were by using location place names for new strains of the virus.

From CNN:

BIDEN: Well, it depends on how much they have available. I think there still should be priority groups in case there are not enough for everyone, available to everybody. And look, we don’t know for certain, let me tell you what my national COVID team has said, that the variants, by variants you mean the Brazilian strain, the South African strain, the British strain —


COOPER: London.

BIDEN: — London, et cetera.

Whoops. What was the original strain called?

So why is it suddenly okay for Biden to be referring to the “South Africa strain,” “the Brazilian strain” and the “London strain” but it wasn’t ok to identify China as the original place from whence it came? Why is Biden invested in not using China’s name? This is another case of Biden saying something inaccurately and sanctimoniously, much like his mask mandate on federal property, and then not being able to adhere to it himself when, in this case, logic dictates how to refer to the virus/strains.

Looking pretty racist there, Joe. Maybe you need to read your own executive orders on the subject? Or be more honest and just admit you and the rest of the Democrats were being political asshats just to attack President Donald Trump and to cover for China with your attacks.

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