Sean Penn's Tweet About Nikki Haley Sends the Internet Into Howls of Laughter

Sean Penn's Tweet About Nikki Haley Sends the Internet Into Howls of Laughter
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We’ve had a lot of serious news for sure of late.

But I saw a tweet today from a well-known leftist that was just so stupid, it was making a lot of people laugh.

Sean Penn, actor and former Madonna husband, has been a die-hard leftist for years, traveling around the world to push his beliefs.

He was one of the many on the left pushing Nikki Haley’s comments about President Donald Trump as the way in which other Republicans should respond. How about no? Not into following the folks who think they’re being politically expedient but who in reality just killed any chances they ever might have had in future for a presidential run.

But Penn tweeted something for which he was justifiably getting roundly mocked today. Because it revealed just so much ignorance from someone who regards himself as such an authority to take seriously.

“Evangelical leaders should themselves be impeached by the Vatican if they themselves don’t follow Nikki Haley’s lead & clearly state they should not have followed Satin into the bowels of hell. But, perhaps they are too busy at sex parties.”

Wow, so much to unpack there. Evangelicals run by the Vatican? And impeachment by the Catholic Church? Not to mention “following Satin.” He probably doesn’t want to talk about sex parties, that’s usually the Democrats’ domain when it comes to scandals.

The responses were just hilarious.

And yes, I assure you that is a generous estimate.

Scary thought.

Guess who even weighed in? Yikes.

I’m guessing that Sean learned a lot more today in one afternoon of being laughed at then a lifetime in Hollywood whacking himself in the head with a shoe.

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