Democrats Pull a Fast One, Make a Motion Guaranteed to Turn Impeachment Trial Into a Dumpster Fire

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

It looked like they would be taking a vote today in the impeachment trial.

It was also obvious based on the fabulous case the defense mounted before they closed yesterday that President Donald Trump was about to be acquitted.


So once again, Democrats have pulled a fast one. They knew they were going to lose.

So what did they just do?

They just moved to have more witnesses and it passed 55-45 with 5 Republicans going with the Democrats, guaranteeing to make the impeachment trial go on for some time.

Now, most of those Republicans are ones you would expect to go along with the Democrats because they’re the ones who are always shifting with the wind to the Democrats and thinking that going along with them is somehow going to bring “unity,” as the Democrats roll right over the Republicans.

The odd one out there is Graham. Now that might seem an odd vote for Graham who had been warning Democrats against calling witnesses. But the reason he went along with it was because once it became clear that they had the votes to do it, he joined because he said that if they do that, he’s going to call the FBI agents who will testify it was all preplanned and every other witness that will prove the defense. He also said he was going to make it take a very long time, if they wanted to play that game and it would most definitely interfere with anything else on the agenda that the Democrats or Biden wanted to do.


Graham noted how it was strange that Democrats always pull these moves right before a vote when they know they’re about to lose. Democrats had previously agreed to no witnesses.

That said, obviously, it’s also going to become a dumpster fire and something for CNN to cover every day and get their “Trump Derangement Syndrome” fix off of, since they no longer have him in office to attack and attract their viewers.

Moreover if this had been a regular trial, how do you pull a move like this after both sides have already rested?


They had their chance to present witnesses in the House. They didn’t even bother to have a hearing, they went ahead with a vote on impeachment without even that or any evidence. They didn’t even move to have witnesses earlier in the Senate trial. Talk about a last minute move to try to save their case.

But Americans hopefully have seen how hypocritical they are. They don’t care about doing the people’s work. It’s about doing anything they can to stop their political opponent, even after he’s already out of office.

Hopefully Americans make them pay heavily for this at the ballot box.


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