Trump Defense Team Just Destroyed One of the Most Persistent of Democrat Lies

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

As we reported earlier, the Trump defense team did a fabulous job today just decimating the case presented by the Democratic House Managers.

Among the things they did was show Democrats if they’re trying to criminalize or impeach based on speech, that Democrats had far more questionable comments ‘inciting’ in the past than President Donald Trump did in his Jan. 6 speech, who said to supporters to act “peacefully and patriotically.” The defense showed the utter hypocrisy of the Democrats using their own words in a terrific video compilation. If one should impeach for such words, then all of them should be impeached. They also showed that if Democrats were trying to demonize or impeach for objecting to or raising questions about the electoral count, that Democrats themselves had done it many times in the past, including Democratic lead impeachment manager, Rep Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had not only done it but had praised the process of doing it, saying it was important to democracy. The defense also juxtaposed the Democrats’ words that seemed to encourage rioting with scenes from the BLM/Antifa riots and brought up the issue of Democrats like Kamala Harris donating to a bail fund to help those arrested during the rioting.


The defense also pointed out how the House Democrats had manipulated the evidence and deceptively edited video.

But one of the other things that the defense did was call out one of the House Democrats’ lies, a lie that Democrats have continued now for years, a lie that Joe Biden said was part of the very reason he ran. That was the “very fine people” lie.

Raskin played a deceptively edited video that claimed that Trump had called Neo-Nazis “very fine people.” He edited out where Trump said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.” He was talking about folks on the left and free speech purists on the right. It’s a lie that’s been debunked for years. But that didn’t stop Raskin. Raskin also stupidly improperly identified the Charlottesville in question.

But Schoen then destroyed that today by playing, perhaps for the first time ever on some of these liberal networks the full remarks of that day where it was clear that Trump denounced Neo-Nazis and white nationalists decisively.


The defense shot down that lie decisively, showing how Democrats have constantly manipulated the facts and the truth in their effort to unseat the duly elected president, Donald Trump.

The defense finished up by pointing out the real reason for all this circus: trying to stop President Trump from running again in 2024. It’s all about Democrats using taxpayer time and money to get rid of a political opponent, to once again try to take out Donald Trump as they have been trying to for the past four years.

Great job and the defense certainly brought their A game today.



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