Defense Team At Impeachment Trial Not Stellar, But Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz Deliver the Words People Need to Hear

Bill Clark/Pool via AP

President Donald Trump’s defense team was less than stellar in its presentation on the first day, given obvious huge issues in the case against the president that it didn’t push.


But while the legal team may not have been hitting on all cylinders, that doesn’t change the basic problems with the case. First, it doesn’t change the fact that most of the Republicans voted that going after a former president in the trial is unconstitutional. Everyone gets this is political and about blocking the president from running again in 2024. Second, there was no hearing or presentation of evidence in the House, it was just a snap impeachment, so there was no real investigation done. On top of that, the Democrats’ charge alleges incitement during the speech on Jan. 6, but the FBI has indicated that the actions were pre-planned by a smaller group of individuals who thus couldn’t have been incited by Trump’s speech. Also, the president urged people to act peacefully and patriotically while protesting, a fact that Democrats left out in a video they presented at the trial that was deceptively edited, as we reported.

Forty-five Republicans voted that it wasn’t constitutional, so even given the defense team, it doesn’t appear to have changed their minds, at least according to what former Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is saying. Graham said that he told the president that the case is still not going anywhere.


“I reinforced to the president, the case is over,” Graham said he told Trump. “It’s just a matter of getting the final verdict now.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), who termed this impeachment effort “the stupidest week in the Senate,” said the Democrats’ effort wasn’t going to change his mind because he believed the whole thing to be against the Constitution.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) echoed Graham’s point, “It’s reminiscent of Shakespeare — full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing.” He chastised the Democrats for not concentrating on the real things needed to be worked on to get things done. He predicted that Trump would be acquitted. The effort, he said, was not going to succeed.


That’s the bottom line. Democrats can spin their nonsense as they often do. But if Republicans stick to the Constitution and the facts, this really should be over, despite Democrats doing all they can to make high theater out of it, trying to hurt Trump and the GOP with the effort. Democrats need 17 GOP senators to flip, and while they’re likely to get the usual defectors, all the rest should stand by the truth and acquit.

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