Media Fails to Report on the Booing of Biden Heard at Super Bowl

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden has already had a lot of firsts. Almost immediately, his first broken promise, failing to deliver the $2000 virus relief, and people are not letting him forget it. Then he had his first court loss, trying to suspend virtually all deportations for the first 100 days and getting slapped down by the judge.


Now according to a lot of people who watched the Super Bowl, he had his first boos at a major event.

He and his wife Jill appeared virtually over a huge screen at the game. Jill, as usual, did the most talking.

“Before kickoff, we wanted to thank all the frontline healthcare heroes both at the game and watching across the country,” she said. “You put yourself at risk to keep the rest of us safe. You and your families carried us through this year with courage, compassion, and kindness. We couldn’t have made it without you. With all our hearts thank you.”

Joe then chimed in, looking again like he was reading off a teleprompter, “Now as we thank you and all of our essential workers, let’s remember we all can do our part to save lives. Wear masks, stay socially-distanced, get tested, get vaccinated when it’s your turn, and most of all let’s remember all those who we’ve lost. So please join us, the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the National Football League in a moment of silence for the more than 440,000 Americans who lost their lives in this pandemic and for their loved ones who are left behind.”


But it was at that point that many heard boos, which they didn’t take as being meant for the message, but for the person delivering it.

While people heard boos and the British media, The Daily Mail and Independent U.K. reported it, not so much American media, although it was acknowledged by this home page editor of Fox News although it didn’t seem to have made it onto their front page.


I’m quite sure they weren’t booing the “moment of silence” but the Biden political injection into the game. Most popular in history, right?

None of the major U.S. media seems to have even commented on it and Snopes called it “unproven.”

But it surely is significantly different from scenes like this:


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