Jake Tapper and Chris Hayes Lose Their Minds 'Inciting' Against GOP and Reveal Next Step to Control the Narrative

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I wrote a piece earlier in response to Bruce Springsteen’s first commercial ad for Jeep for the Super Bowl. I left it with the hope that sanity will prevail because, as Americans, we have shown that ability to triumph over all odds. I do believe that sanity and the truth will ultimately triumph. But I also wrote about how Democrats and the media are deliberately demonizing the GOP and encouraging people to hate us.


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is moving into very dangerous territory, not to mention certifiably insane.

“The shamelessness of Republicans on the Sunday shows is a sight to behold,” Hayes whined. “You got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed and then helped a deadly attack on the Capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of power! And it’s all “well, shucks why are Democrats so divisive? They damn near destroyed the goddamn country. Unprecedented death and destruction and misery and mourning. Absent some apology and honesty nothing they have to say is worth anything at all at all at all.”

The GOP got “hundred of thousands of Americans” killed? When did that happen? “Then helped a deadly attack on the Capitol.” No, as far as I know, the GOP denounced any violence and were themselves threatened with a bomb at the RNC. No, actually there wasn’t “unprecedented death” for a pandemic. Unfortunately, there are deaths in a pandemic as there have been all over the world. Had Trump not been in power, if Biden had been there, it would have been far worse. Biden wouldn’t have cut off travel with China and it would have been exponentially worse. “Destruction and misery and mourning.” Yes, there was a lot of that from mostly Democratic lockdowns, where Democrats denied aid, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proved, until after the election, exacting the most harm to the economy believing it could adversely affect President Donald Trump. There was also a lot of that during the BLM/Antifa riots that the Democrats not only failed to condemn, but actually embraced by donating to a rioter bail fund, supporting violent rioters over the people and the police being harmed, and attacking efforts to curtail the riots by law enforcement and the federal government.


This guy and his network have done everything they could to undermine the duly-elected president of the United States for the past four years with crazy conspiracy theories long debunked. Democrats literally paid for foreign disinformation to weaponize against the president through the media and the FBI. And it’s the GOP he has a problem with? Talk about a coup…

Understand what he’s saying here. Republicans are evil and are killing you. They must be shut out from being heard. He’s literally saying that. It sure sounds like he’s “inciting” against Republicans to me.

Hayes is also not alone. Listen here as CNN’s Jake Tapper responds to Hayes and agrees that the Republicans should be kept off media shows. Not only that, he’s already doing it, Tapper says.

But yeah, they “don’t pick a side,” right?

They don’t want you to hear anything but the Democratic narrative and now they want to cut off any access of the Republicans to even talk to Americans. Is this really America? Who is actually “threatening democracy here?”(correct to “constitutional republic”).

This is on top of the censorship from social media and Big Tech crackdowns.

Tapper is taking Jan. 6 to justify demonize and shutting down the GOP and 75 million Trump supporters as “MAGA terrorism.”


Hundreds of riots, dozens dead, hundreds — if not thousands — injured, and billions in damage over a sustained period of months is something we must understand because it’s just people expressing themselves and for leftist reasons, so hey, it’s all cool. One riot blamed on the right and all are “terrorists.”

Apparently Jake also forgot about the insane lies that he and his network spread against the duly-elected president of the United States, pushing nutty conspiracy theories for the past four years to delegitimize him.

Because of Jake and Chris, there are millions of folks on the left who think that somehow President Trump, Mitch McConnell, and a host of other GOP members are somehow agents of Russia. It didn’t have to make any sense. It didn’t matter if it was obviously controverted by all the actions that Trump took that were anti-Russia.

Yet again, Tapper throws in to defend the story of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), completely twisting the reality, much as she did. We clarified that she was not in the Capitol building because many people including the media didn’t seem to understand that or that she was never actually surrounded or threatened in any way by any rioters. She didn’t “seek refuge” back in her office as Jake claims, she was already in her office and she never saw a rioter to “seek refuge” from. Her colleague, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), also tried to clarify there were no rioters in their mutual hallway. AOC then attacked and spun against us and against Mace, even sending out an email asking for her followers to mass report to Twitter and Facebook any stories/posts against her. Both she and Tapper leave out that the bomb that caused her building to be evacuated was more than half a block away, at the RNC. Funny how they left that out. AOC lied and said, without evidence, Trump supporters planted it. Her story also happened about an hour before there was any real “riot.” What they’re really disturbed about is that the truth punctured the drama. And that’s really what they want to shut down — any question of the narrative they hope to impose.



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