Fox's 'The Five' Has an Important Warning About Joe Biden and the Media

Fox's 'The Five' Has an Important Warning About Joe Biden and the Media
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Mainstream media in general has been trying to downplay the extreme nature of some of the policies and executive orders being put forth by Joe Biden. They’ve even tried to suggest that Biden is “boring” (in a good way).

Greg Gutfeld pointed out on “The Five” how the MSM is focusing on what Joe’s favorite ice cream is and things like that.

People look at that and immediately see that bias of media trying to coddle Biden. But it’s not just that.

But even Fox’s Dana Perino had an important warning about being taken in by the portrayal of boring old Joe that everyone really needs to take to heart because there is a lot of basic truth in it. Of course this was something they should have been screaming to the hills before the election.

From Fox News:

“Joe Biden sounds boring, but his policies are actually kind of extreme if you go through the executive orders. President Trump’s personality was extreme, but his policies were actually, in some cases, pretty leaning right, conventional,” Perino said on “The Five.”

Ya think? And this is Perino, who’s getting it. This of course is the basic, but obvious, fact that many apparently didn’t get. If you got mad at Trump because he “mean tweeted” because the media kept pitching how bad that was but missed that Trump had great policies that helped America, if you thought that Biden was somehow bringing back “normality,” oh, how much you were taken in. You voted for extreme policies that threw thousands out of work, that are harming our energy independence, that are exposing our power grid to foreign interference from folks like China, making insulin more expensive and harming girls sports and that’s just hitting a few of the top line highlights from this past week.

But when mainstream media is talking about Joe’s favorite ice cream or his dogs, they’re also not asking or putting Biden’s feet to the fire about these extreme positions or about his lies about President Donald Trump, as Gutfeld noted.

“After a week in which we saw the white house banish the national guard to a parking lot, the obliviousness toward the ANTIFA riots, the lies about Trump not leaving a vaccine plan, a moratorium on natural gas and drilling … We get ice cream and bagels.”

It’s not just about propaganda to make old Grandpa Joe seem nice and popular, it’s about deflecting from the real harm that’s going on.

But hey, at least an intern is controlling Biden’s twitter account and making sure he’s not saying anything mean, right? Who is he going to hurt and how many jobs is he going to cost us next week?

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