Anti-Trump Leader of Group Who Marched With BLM, Claims Group Helped Storm the Capitol

AP Photo/John Minchillo

I’ve written about the involvement of folks in addition to Trump supporters in the actions that occurred on January 6 at the United States Capitol.

We’ve heard a lot about John Sullivan, the left-wing activist who had been involved in organizing BLM protests in Utah and was heard at a D.C. protest in August calling for President Donald Trump to be ripped out of the White House. He was right at the door to the House chamber when Ashli Babbitt was shot and filmed the incident. He was later arrested and police alleged he was involved in inciting action that day that could be heard on video.

The NY Post also revealed that their law enforcement sources had identified two Antifa members from New York among the people at the Capitol.

You may have noticed, if you were observing what occurred, that there seemed to be people who were not your ordinary run-of-the-mill Trump supporters, who seemed to be dressed for battle, organized, and acting somewhat in concert.

That may not have been our imagination. There’s a story that has gone largely unrecognized by much of the media, except for a story in Reuters that most everyone else ignored. Lifesite picked up their story and ran with it this week.

That’s the alleged involvement of the Boogaloo Bois.

Now, aren’t the Boogaloo Bois right-wing, you might say? Well, no, they have a variety of opinions. But if you just listened to some of the mainstream media, that’s what you might think because that’s how some have painted them with absolutely no understanding of what they are about.

They’re actually anti-government or close to anarchists in thought, who ultimately hope for a revolution toppling the government or a second civil war. They’re not Trump supporters; they’ve actually been more aligned with the BLM and Antifa over the summer during the riots because they saw that as moving more toward what they wanted.

Reuters spoke to Mike Dunn, one of their leaders in Virginia, who told them “three or four groups of loyalists under his command helped storm the Capitol.” Dunn said they used the moment to strike at the government and further their agenda.

Dunn tweeted on January 6 that Boogaloo Bois were involved in the action at the Capitol, “BB teams have been activated in VA and we currently have 4 fireteams inside capital and 7 more outside. Sic temper Tyrannis.” For those who don’t recognize the Latin, that’s what John Wilkes Booth shouted after killing Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater. It means, “Thus always to tyrants.”

He’s since deleted the tweet, but you can see it here.

Interestingly, the person he’s talking with is Jason Charter, who has been involved at multiple BLM/Antifa actions in the D.C. area, who seems to know him enough to know he’s not a Trump supporter and ask what he was doing there. Dunn even calls Trump a “tyrant” in the tweet.

According to Reuters, when Dunn was asked whether Boogaloos had planned to attack the Capitol, he responded: “Just know there is more to come.” He said that he had not participated in the action, but he showed Reuters video that he said was video of Boogaloo Bois involved in breaching the Capitol and tussling with the police.

Dunn also tweeted after the event about “infiltrators,” according to Lifesite.

“After MAGA and others stormed the capital building in a moment of anger (which was cool)…they retreated to hotels to comply with the Curfew. We obviously didn’t…stayed out in the streets until 12.”

One Twitter user blasted back at Dunn’s tweet, saying that the Trump supporters Dunn claimed to have “stormed the capital building” were actually “infiltrators, not real MAGA.” Dunn swiftly responded: “Yeh we know.”

Dunn and his group marched with the BLM over the summer, as you can see here.

Despite all that, here’s Dunn involved in a gun rights protest that BLM and Black Panthers were also at, along with other gun rights supporters on Jan. 18.

His account is still up on Twitter.

It would seem this is pretty important, if true. So where’s the media attention to this story?

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