Say What? Biden Announces Virus Travel Ban Against South Africa, UK, Ireland and Most of Europe

AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

Oh, you’re going to love this latest move from Joe Biden.

Cue the irony all over the place.

According to two officials, NBC is saying that Biden plans to sign restrictions on Monday, banning travel from South Africa and anyone who has recently been to South Africa.


He is also expected to impose expand restrictions and ban entry from the United Kingdom, Ireland and much of the rest of Europe, as well as from Brazil.

Ok, so is this point where I scream “Racist!!!” at the top of my lungs? How about “Hysterical xenophobia!!!”

You may recall the reaction when President Donald Trump, acting early on Jan. 31, cut travel with China and then subsequently in March, cut travel with Europe.

Trump by the end of January had already 1) activated the CDC 2) formed the task force 3) declared a public health emergency 4) cut travel with China.

What were the Democrats doing at that time? Biden called Trump’s reaction “hysterical xenophobia.” Democrats said it was racist to cut off travel with a country racked with a pandemic. Think about how insane that is, but they did it and the media played into it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) encouraged people to go to Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. Bill de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to ride the subway in early March and said it wasn’t easily catchable so everyone should just go about their business. Biden couldn’t even be talked into saying it was right to cut travel with China and Europe until April 2. We really would have been up a creek without a paddle had he been in charge when this first hit.

Democrats have refused the facts on the Wuhan coronavirus, refused to recognize the Chinese cover-up helping the spread and the lies that the WHO helped to spread, such as by saying in the middle of January that there was no evidence that it was transmissible from human to human when of course by that point, there was a boatload of evidence. Meanwhile Biden has renewed our relationship with the WHO, a relationship President Trump had suspended because of the coverup.


People pointed out Biden’s prior bad responses to the virus.

Of course, President Trump was doing his job, while Biden was playing ridiculous racial politics and papering over China’s coverup. Wonder why Joe has not been able to call out China for what it has done? Nothing to do with the connections to China that his son had?

There was this bad take after Trump cut travel with Europe, saving thousands of lives, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

So then what you’re doing wouldn’t help? We should ask you where’s the plan, Joe? Your words.


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