Dem Governors Blow off Their Own Virus Restrictions to Hang out at Inauguration

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

It’s not that long since Thanksgiving and Christmas when we were told that we shouldn’t be visiting our relatives — that we could be spreading the Wuhan coronavirus and killing grandma if we did so.


Of course, we then heard the stories of the various Democratic politicians who were flouting their own orders to go visit their own families. Do as they say, not as they do, being all the rage.

Turns out that exception apparently extends beyond just visiting their families or heading off to the idyllic isles to party.

Turns out there’s also the “Joe Biden” exception to the rules they impose on us all.

Remember Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, the Iron Lady, who wants everyone to lock down? She apparently gave herself an exemption to head off to see the inauguration. As the Detroit Free Press explained, “Whitmer has generally discouraged Michiganders from traveling and attending gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.” As the Free Beacon reports, she had just banned outdoor gatherings of 25 or more. But she then headed off to an outdoor gathering or far more than 25 people — about 2,000 to be exact. Talk about super spreader.

Whitmer even had the audacity to tweet a photo from the event, reportedly with her daughters who she brought along.


She doesn’t see any hypocrisy, apparently, in doing so. She tried to claim they were spread out (not) and masked (yes). But she didn’t allow that in her order; she simply forbid gatherings over 25, masked or social distancing, it didn’t matter. This wasn’t the first time she’d shown what a hypocrite she was — she also marched in close quarters with BLM protesters claiming it was cool because she had hand sanitizer.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf were also in attendance despite the rules they have promulgated in their own states. Wolf’s measures over the holidays advised to limit unnecessary travel and stay home. Meanwhile, New Jersey is discouraging “all nonessential interstate travel at this time.” Outdoor gatherings are also limited to 25 people under Murphy, though “political activities” are exempt from the rule. So Murphy already gave politicians an excuse over regular people.

Murphy’s office told the Daily Caller News Foundation his travel was “essential travel.” Isn’t it nice how politicians get to decide that what they want to do is essential and that they get to decide what is essential for you to be able to do? Murphy also said he couldn’t imagine telling BLM protesters to stay home.


“I can’t imagine what it would look like if we said to people, ‘Actually, you have to stay in. You have to ignore systemic racism — I’m sorry, just ignore it. Stay in,’” the governor said, according to Politico. “I can’t imagine what that looks like as it relates to public safety.”

We saw Biden himself breaking his own mask order on federal property within the same day, as did his family members, at the Lincoln Memorial. He then followed that up by admitting that there was really nothing they could do about the further spread of the pandemic despite the fact that that was the only real issue he ran on, claiming he had a “plan” that could deal with it and sucking in anyone gullible enough to believe him.

What it says is they really don’t care about the rules when it comes to them, but they do care about the control.


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