Cretinous Yahoos Ben Rhodes and John Brennan Make Some Troubling Statements About National Security

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There are a couple of people who are really relieved that Joe Biden is in the White House. Because it means that the effort to get at their involvement in a variety of things has been effectively stymied.


But typically, being the cretinous yahoos that they are, they don’t say, oh, good I managed to get away with all that I did, they are determined to go after and finish off their political opponents. For the good of us all, you know, to protect against “terrorists.”

So here’s cretinous yahoo number one: Ben Rhodes, the guy who mocked the media as easily duped, yet they still bent over and said, “Thank you sir, may we have another?”

Listen as Ben suggests that folks [on the right] need to be detoxed from the “lies” but that there are “broader societal issues that go beyond what even national security and Homeland Security professionals could do.”

Now of course there are several problems with this.

First, it’s been Ben and his buddies who have been spreading toxic lies against the duly-elected president for the last four years and who did all they could to take him out. One might even call it a coup. Let’s talk about all the damage and all the people they’ve radicalized over the Russia collusion hoax for the last four years and they’re still at it, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton still pushing it this week despite it being debunked.


Second, yes, you’re not allowed to have a different political opinion or you might be “radicalized” or it might be termed a “lie” or “hate.” Ben wants them to detox that out of you (can we say brainwash?).

Third, you heard the suggestion that national security and Homeland security need to go after people for detox for lies and hate. Who gets to decide what “lies” and “hate” are? Why the Democrats like Ben of course. Notice he didn’t say for crimes. Yes, the FBI should go after people planning terrorist acts. No, they should not go after you for your political thought.

Fourth, it was the Democrats who lied about the vaccine, who, like Kamala Harris, even encouraged people to not take any vaccine developed under President Donald Trump. Who lied about how fast it would be developed, who then lied about Trump’s magnificent involvement in developing them and who now are trying to make that great historic accomplishment somehow Biden’s.

Enter cretinous yahoo number two: John Brennan.


He’s thrilled he likely wouldn’t be getting prosecuted. Sorry, I don’t hold out any hope for the Durham report. I would be stunned if it actually comes up with any charges. Brennan has never been held responsible for any of the scurvy stuff he did and now he knows he likely never will be. His CIA spied on Congress, Brennan lied about it. Barack Obama said, “Oh, sorry!” and no one did a darn thing.

But like Rhodes, Brennan says “law enforcement, Homeland Security, Intelligence and even the Defense Department are doing everything they can to root out what seems to be a very serious and insidious threat.” John Brennan despite being a despicable evil liar is not a very bright man. He just dropped something he shouldn’t have said. What is “intelligence” doing looking into political belief of Americans? Even if you wanted to say they’re only focused on criminal extremists (and I don’t believe that), that would be the job of law enforcement and the FBI, not the CIA which is supposed to concentrate on foreign intelligence. Even the National Counterterrorism Center is not supposed to be dealing with exclusively domestic terrorism. But under the Obama administration strictures that prevented other intelligence agencies from being able to spy on Americans started getting eroded away. This was the problem that the Obama administration had when they were in power, not knowing (or perhaps caring) about rules or limitations on what they were allowed to do against their political opponents. The Defense Department may refer to the National Guard vetting and that’s potentially problematic enough, depending on what they are asking them and how they may be targeting people.


They really do sound like they want to resurrect the Stasi.

Welcome back to the bad old times.

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