Paul Krugman Gets Disturbed that Band Played This Song for Biden During Inauguration

Lai Seng Sin

One thing that never ceases to amaze is how Paul Krugman has a job anywhere when he is so continuously wrong.

No question that on this site we have been fond of pointing out his many faux pas and foibles.


But sometimes they’re just so stunningly dumb, it astonishes even us.

Krugman was losing his mind, swooning all over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today.

He’s tearing up, guys, objective non-biased media strikes again.

Barf, was he watching the same Biden who lied his way from the very start of his campaign, even about why he was in fact campaigning, spreading the false claim that Trump said Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville were “very fine people.”

But as gag-reflex producing as those tweets were, then there was the one where Krugman really went over the slide.


Oh my. Apparently Krugman, the guy who likes to preach at other people about how much he knows, doesn’t know what “America” or “My Country Tis of Thee” is? Didn’t we all learn about this in grade school? Perhaps Krugman missed that like he must have missed any accurate classes on economics. It’s the same melody for that and “God Save the Queen.”

He then saw the backlash and tried to cover.


Plus, in pretty much all of our lifetimes, it’s been “God Save the Queen.” Not just wrong, but sexist there, Paul.

How anyone still listens to anything this guy has to say is beyond me. You can set your clock to him always being wrong.

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