Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Flips out When Asked if His Failure to Respond to BLM/Antifa Riots Set a Bad Precedent

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer, File

This seems to be the night where powerful folks are getting called out for their nonsense.

I wrote earlier about how Jack Dorsey was trying to justify his booting of the leader of the free world off Twitter.

Many let him know that they didn’t believe him and they thought his words hypocritical based on his actions.

But on Wednesday, someone in media also asked a great question of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and finally put him a little on the defensive. Genevieve Reaume asked him about setting a bad precedent, seemingly putting some of the blame for the Capitol action on Wheeler. That set Wheeler off big time.

It’s really sort of stunning that it’s taken so long for anyone to even begin to question his nonsensical response to Antifa destroying and controlling his city. Wheeler is technically the Mayor, but it’s really been Antifa that has been dictating to the city for the past several months, with Wheeler ineffectively simpering on the sidelines.

There have been BLM/Antifa riots across the country for months. But while they’ve quieted down in most places, they’ve continued unabated in Portland, even gotten worse in the New Year. That’s because of his failure to address the problem.

Here’s one of his suggestions to, he thinks, finally force Antifa to care about the small businesses they have been destroying with their riots.

What? If they’ve been arrested “5-7 times,” why are they not locked up in prison at this point? That’s the basic problem, there have been no consequences and even now, he thinks somehow he’s going to touch their conscience?

The answer is that Democrats did nothing about all this and even though he acts like he’s finally recognized the problem he’s still not doing anything effectively to stop it. Actually prosecute Antifa. Give good sentences, then you’ll notice a huge change.

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