Portland BLM/Antifa People Harass and Hit Mayor Ted Wheeler

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer, File

I think it’s fair to say that I think Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is a complete and utter failure as a mayor, he’s helped his city be destroyed by BLM/Antifa and he’s failed to even try to respond in even a semi-competent way.


After near daily riots since May, Wheeler finally called out Antifa by name after two days of violent riots and attacks on police about a week ago. He said he finally needed to up his game against them and possibly use violence to stop them. It only took this many months of destruction for him to realize that doing nothing breeds more of the same.

That said, this video is troubling and a bit scary that these radical crazies could have gotten so close to Wheeler and he be so exposed to them.

‘Tevis’ is Wheeler’s middle name, for those curious as to why the crazy person was calling him that. When Wheeler told the first screaming person he needed to grow up, a second screaming person sneaked up behind him and yelled “War criminal!” in his ear.

At the end of the video, a woman approaches him and calls him a “f**king sh*t” and that’s when she allegedly hit him in the shoulder. Wheeler accuses her of hitting him, she claims she didn’t do anything.


I haven’t held out much hope for Wheeler responding to Antifa. But it could be he’s now having an education. He is actually calling for constructive measures against them, calling for stiffer criminal penalties for repeat offenders and vandals as well as improved intel for tracking them as they move and commit crimes.

Wheeler specifically called on the Oregon Legislature to increase criminal penalties for offenders who “repeatedly engage in criminal destruction and vandalism, to ensure that they can be held accountable for the cumulative impact of their illegal actions.”

Wheeler seeks greater cooperation with Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt to ensure that people are held accountable after they are arrested.

He also wants more surveillance power for the Portland Police Bureau.

Could he possibly have finally found a spine? Maybe. We’ll believe it when we see it. But it’s hilarious that they think he’s been hard on them. With any non-Democratic mayor, they’d all have been in jail long ago.


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