Here We Go Again: GA County Announces They're Done Counting for the Night

Here We Go Again: GA County Announces They're Done Counting for the Night
Credit Perdue for Senate

Here we go again.

According to local reports, Chatham County announced that they were done counting the ballots for the night and they would be going home. They said they would come back in the morning and count them again starting at 8 a.m. Supposedly there were thousands of ballots yet to count.

Does that feel like deja vu all over again? Hey, if they got away with it before, it could work again.

You may recall that media and poll watchers were told that they were through counting for the night at the State Farm arena on Nov. 3-4. But when the poll watchers and media were sent home, they kept on counting without the poll watchers, despite the poll watchers right to be there. The officials later lied about it, saying they never told the media that they were done counting for the night when they demonstrably had done so.

So after that announcement went out that Chatham County officials would be going home tonight and it went all over the internet, I kept looking at the count on the Decision Desk for the county. It had been at 84% after that announcement.

Lo and behold, sometime after they announced that they were going home, if it didn’t jump up to 99% counted and it was in that jump that Ossoff took the lead. It’s this kind of stuff that makes people crazy and makes them doubt what the heck is going on.

So can we ask were poll watchers sent home? Did they continue counting as they did before without poll watchers?

According to independent contractor election manager, Gabriel Sterling, despite whatever was told to the media, the County finished counting everything except the absentee ballots that came in today.

Funny how they were able to count everything pretty much all in one night when they weren’t able to do that for the Nov. 3 election. The margin is still razor thin between Sen. David Perdue and Jon Ossoff, although Ossoff is up by a few thousand as of this writing.

Decision Desk has called it for Ossoff and Warnock at this point. If it’s within a half a percentage point, and it may well be, then there’s a recount.

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