Big Tech Censoring News on Capitol Protest, Twitter Locks Trump Out of His Account

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I guess it’s safe to say it’s been an eventful day.

After protesters stormed the capitol earlier today, President Donald Trump urged people to be peaceful and to go home.


One would think that would be the time you’d want to maximize that message.

Instead, Twitter not decided instead to lock Trump out of his account after he made his “peaceful” tweet. Saying he had to remove three tweets they found objectionable if he wanted get back into his account.

This of course is incredibly counterproductive and will only inflame the situation still more.

It happened after his peaceful tweet so it’s not clear what it was they were claiming was objectionable. But with Twitter it doesn’t seem to have to make much sense, it’s always more about the narrative.


They threatened Trump’s account, that if he tweeted anything else that somehow violated their highly flexible and biased standards that he would be permanently suspended from Twitter.

We could see that coming. That ultimately is where this is going to go. They’ve never applied the rules even-handedly, Joe Biden was never flagged for his boat load of lies, Democrats were never flagged for actual threats or leaked information.

Meanwhile, as Townhall reported, other Big Tech companies warning that they would be going after any video or other “encouragement” of the events at the Capitol that “violates our policies,” nonviolent protests past the curfew in D.C. A video of Trump addressing a peaceful rally earlier in the day was deleted from Facebook and Instagram. Facebook said they prohibited incitement or calls for violence, but there were no such calls on the video and the rally he attended was completely peaceful. Youtube was more honest, they admitted they removed it because he alleged fraud in the election and they disagreed, so they removed it. Twitter also prevented engagement with the video and then they removed it.


On top of all that, the tech companies have rewritten the tag label on videos, declaring “Joe Biden has been elected President “with results that were certified by all 50 states. The US has laws, procedures, and established institutions to ensure the peaceful transfer of power after an election.” In other words, you shall comply with what we think or we will label you.

Again, this is not helpful. This only antagonizes people more. But it’s Big Tech, they think they have a monopoly so they can dictate and they will.


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