CNN's April Ryan Gets Busted in Hypocrisy Over Trump Leak

CNN's April Ryan Gets Busted in Hypocrisy Over Trump Leak
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You no doubt recall how sanctimonious Twitter and many media outlets were when they tried to suppress the NY Post’s story, “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.” The story showed that unlike Joe Biden said, he did in fact know about his son’s business and the email indicated that he’d been introduced to a Ukrainian business connection of his son, it showed that Biden had not been telling the truth. But media, like Twitter tried to suppress it with the claim that it was “hacked,” “illegally obtained” or leaked material.

But now the media didn’t have any problem with spreading a leaked four minute clip of a settlement conversation conference call that included President Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Twitter didn’t try to suppress the story or suspend The Washington Post’s account for spreading it. No urls were blocked and media has absolutely no stories calling out the leaking.

As we reported, the call in fact isn’t at all what the media is trying to portray it to be, indeed there was no effort to have Raffensperger do anything improper, just to have him listen to the Trump campaign’s case about fraud and to hear their evidence about illegal votes. But that didn’t stop the media from jumping off to the races and spreading it despite their completely contrary position on the Joe Biden story.

Perhaps one of the most sanctimonious people in media, CNN analyst and White House Reporter for The Grio, April Ryan, is a perfect example of this hypocrisy.

Ryan had absolutely no problem jumping on the anti-Trump story and trying to spread it.

Yet, how much times have changed. Here she was, earlier this month, chastising people for sharing a leaked tape about Joe Biden, because it made Joe Biden look bad, so it must be bad.

Strange. What’s the difference here, April? Why did you find a problem when it was spread about Biden, but not Trump?

Can we say double standard? Or is the only standard whatever hurts Trump and helps Biden is acceptable? Because that’s what it seems like for the media.

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