Liberals Flip Out and Get Owned When They Attack Gohmert Over Electoral Case, Antifa/BLM Comments

A federal judge tossed the suit brought by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) against Vice President Mike Pence, trying to have Pence decide between slates of electors in the contested states, arguing that because of fraud, irregularities and unconstitutional actions, one couldn’t separate the legal from the illegal votes.


The judge found that neither Gohmert or the Arizona slate of electors who joined him in the suit had standing to bring the case.

Gohmert’s response was basically how can anyone bring any challenges if judges keep saying they don’t have standing? “If I don’t have standing, no one does,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert is now appealing to the Fifth Circuit.

But Gohmert also made a comment that set off some on the left. He said that basically the court was saying they had no remedy and that ‘You have to go to the streets and be as violent as Antifa or BLM.”

Some on the left immediately tagged that as Gohmert calling for violence and riots.


But I’m confused. How could that be? According to the left, Antifa isn’t real, isn’t organized and is just an idea. BLM is “mostly peaceful.” So to be “as violent as Antifa or BLM” isn’t to be violent according to leftist thought. So how could they be disturbed?


They want to go after Gohmert for being concerned the court is leaving people without a remedy. But then they can’t do that without intrinsically admitting that their whole posture on Antifa and the BLM has been a lie for months. They know that Antifa/BLM has been violent for months. Many on the left simply refused to acknowledge it because they agreed with them.

Some even tried to attack Gohmert while spinning that the “violence of Antifa/BLM” was really just imaginary. Then why attack Gohmert? If it’s really imaginary? Not to mention they may want to check with Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland Police on that. Wheeler kind of killed their narrative by admitting Antifa was very real and violent. Not to mention all the video of them being violent.

I don’t think Gohmert was trying to encourage any kind of violence as much as he was making a comment about it’s not a good thing to cut off any constitutional options or to hear the concerns of millions of people. But if the left really thinks his words are somehow inciting, then they may need to check all the actual inciting from Democrats of real violence, from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraging people to “get up in their faces” to even Kamala Harris and Biden staffers paying to a bail fund to get rioters out.



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