BREAKING: Pelosi's Home in San Francisco Vandalized With Antifa Symbols, Pig's Head, and a Demand

BREAKING: Pelosi's Home in San Francisco Vandalized With Antifa Symbols, Pig's Head, and a Demand
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Looks like someone vandalized the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) last night.

Police told TMZ that they were called to her house at 3 a.m. last night and filed a report about the vandalism, according to the Daily Mail.

Her garage was spray-painted with a crossed-out “$2K” symbol replaced by “Cancel Rent,” with “We Want Everything!” following, as well as the Antifa symbol, an A for anarchy inside of a circle. There was also red paint on the ground and a pig’s head, a symbol that has showed up at Antifa protests/riots.

Conservative filmmaker ‘Fog City Midge’ was able to get pictures of the alleged vandalism.

John Dennis, chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party posted a photo Friday afternoon of how they were trying to cover it up with black garbage bags.

The “cancel rent,” “we want everything” and the pig’s head all scream Antifa. While Pelosi has been recently in favor of the $2000 payment, she has delayed the process for months. The radical left has been disturbed right down the line for all the months that Pelosi held up relief. They were upset about her designer ice cream and refrigerator episode, too. Just last month, she admitted that she had stalled the relief bill until there was a “new president.” Now she was willing to settle for a lesser deal than had been offered to her before the election.

She wants to cover it up because they likely don’t want people to know that the radical left is mad at her.

But it sure looks like she might be getting that Antifa is more than an “idea.” The radical left had regarded the $600 first agreed on and then the $2000 as not enough. They believe all rent should be canceled and that the government should just be handing out continuous money to everyone. They’re more disappointed with Pelosi because they think she’s played them for support but not come across with what they want.

She’s downplayed leftist violence and vandalism in the past, saying “People will do what people do.”

I wonder if she still thinks that now?

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