Perfect Foreshadowing of What a Biden Presidency Would Look Like: Bidens' New Year's Fail Eve

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Biden team must have a hard time trying to deal with Joe’s cognitive decline because there’s only so much hiding they can do in the basement. Occasionally, they have to let him out or have him say things.

But notice how he’s almost always with his wife or Kamala Harris, there to help right the ship if need be? Except that may not always save him, for as we saw from Dr. Jill’s position paper for her Ed.D., she’s not the sharpest tool in the drawer.

ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve had Joe and Jill Biden on video in Times Square. Now, we could note that Biden isn’t president and that I don’t recall them ever having Donald and Melania Trump on the show. I guess they were searching for ways to be entertaining, given that all the regular people were prohibited from being in Times Square to celebrate for the first time since 1897, although CNN, Bill de Blasio, and ABC were allowed. Folks like Biden are right on board with that. Rules for the regular people, just not for the “elite.”

Ryan Seacrest did a short interview with the couple, asked them about the coronavirus and taking the vaccine. They were trying to have a “cute” moment where the Bidens wished everyone a happy new year and pulled off a confetti popper. Except they had Jill doing it instead of Joe and it was a complete fail.

She kept trying but ultimately she just broke it in half. A foreshadowing of what a Biden administration would look like – failure to launch? All talk, no bang?

HT: Twitchy