Anti-Mask Flash Mobs Begin to Show Up in Stores Around the Country, Loudly Encouraging Freedom

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

There’s been a growing movement that’s just starting to get some attention. But it’s spreading in various areas throughout the country, and it’s not hard to understand why.


That’s the anti-mask flash mob.

As more and more news comes out that asymptomatic spread is basically zero and the science behind the efficacy of masks is questionable, more and more people are saying enough: open everything up and stop with the masks and restrictions.

The flash mobs go on masse to a store, speak against wearing masks and then go out again.

This one involved immigrants from Communist China who have some experience with oppressive government regulations and were urging others not to go along with it.


Here’s another one that’s in Los Angeles in the Erewhon Market, where the 50 mask-less protesters rushed in and chanted to “Open up LA!”

Warning for a loud beep in the middle of the video.

The group hit several other businesses throughout the neighborhood as well.

These folks didn’t riot, they simply made a point about the efficacy of masks. They were then demonized by media like TMZ more so then TMZ ever demonized actual BLM/Antifa rioters who tore things down, hurt people and burned things. According to TMZ, the anti-maskers are a “sick group” of people “targeting stores to wreak havoc.” Yes, God forbid they encourage people to think about what they are doing and what they are being told to do. Thought is dangerous, apparently. Unlike rioting and smashing things which is all good when leftists do it.

Those folks attacking these protesters don’t get they’re the “Karens.” They think the masks provide the perfect protection and they can’t explain why if people are wearing masks, why they’re still getting the virus. It’s because it’s they who don’t understand the science, that asymptomatic spread is next to zero and that it doesn’t provide any real protection since the particles are small enough to go through most of the masks that people are wearing. Additionally, most are always touching and fiddling with the masks, touching their faces, and not thinking about washing their hands.


Sounds like this might be catching on…


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