Dem Nashville Mayor Provokes Ire When He Laughs During Interviews After Bombing

City of Nashville

It has to be a challenging time in Nashville right now for anyone responding and having to deal with the bombing there.


You dealing with a lot of damage, at least one person appears to be dead now, three hurt. You’re not sure what the reason for this attack is or what to expect. Even phones, internet and 911 for 180 miles are out because of the damage to the AT&T facility from the bombing right in front of it.

This is on top of an already tough year.

So you have to give that the folks there are handling a lot on Christmas.

But many found the reaction of the Democratic mayor, John Cooper, to be a bit odd as he gave interviews after the blast. Some were very disturbed at him for laughing when talking about the explosion and seeming to treat it in a light manner.


Some did defend Cooper, saying he was likely nervous. But the entire interview he seemed to be downplaying the damage and the reaction to it all.


Cooper has already come under fire in his city for his virus restrictions which have not endeared him to many.

But with the laughing and the seeming downplaying of the event in the interview in general, he may have added to the dislike.

With the bombing today, he also declared a civil emergency and a curfew in response.


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