CNN's Coverage of the Explosive Warnock Allegations Tells You Everything You Need to Know

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Earlier I wrote about the troubling news Tucker Carlson dropped last night – exclusive body cam video that showed Raphael Warnock’s then-wife alleging he’d run over her foot with the car.


Warnock claimed he didn’t think he’d run over her, but she said he did it intentionally and was a “great actor” who had “crossed the line.”

So here’s a good question. Why is Tucker the one dropping this information? He’s an opinion show, where are the straight news stories from mainstream media on this? Can we say woefully lacking?

We saw them doing obviously biased pieces like this one from the Atlanta Journal Constitution that ran today:

While they reported on the incident with this hardly descriptive headline, “Warnock, wife involved in dispute,” they apparently didn’t investigate further or try to get the video.

Where’s CNN covering this? Somehow that story seems to have gone missing in action. Seems like it might be important to cover an allegation of domestic abuse. But a quick search reveals they haven’t even covered it now, almost a full day after Carlson ran it.


Here’s what CNN was covering instead on Warnock.

Instead of covering the alleged domestic dispute, they’re talking about the influence his father had on him. How is that hard-hitting news? It isn’t.

Now while CNN seems to be completely uninterested in a domestic abuse allegation, you can bet they’d be all over in a red hot second if it were a Republican.

But there was just a little bit of coverage from CNN’s Jake Tapper, as Stephen Miller points out.

His retweet doesn’t even cover the allegation of running her foot over with the car, just talks about a “dispute” and saying he was a “great actor.” Not in context, you might even think that a compliment.

Could they be any less interested in actually covering real news when it comes to a Democrat in such a critical race?


Oliver D’Arcy is right, there are propagandists. He just doesn’t want to admit they’re at CNN, not to mention a lot of the other networks who are refusing to cover this.

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