Biden Warns Worst Is Yet to Come With Virus, Here Comes the Fear Porn

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

So now that the vaccines have arrived (through the auspices of President Donald Trump), we can look forward to people getting vaccinated and then things opening up more, right?


Well, not so fast, according to Joe Biden. His whole platform was how terrible Trump was in response to the Wuhan coronavirus and he was going to be able to address it, starting day 1 in ways Trump was not, right?

Except as it turns out, not so much. As with anything Biden, it’s never what he claimed, now that he thinks he’s got power.

Listen to what he says now. Things are not going to get better under him, he says, they’re going to get even worse.

Well, of course, we knew things would be worse under him if he got in. All days would be dark. But when he admits it, you know it’s not good. What happened to that plan he said was going to solve everything?

If you thought states were trying to control you already, sounds like it’s going to get worse with Biden, despite the over 99% survivability of the virus for most Americans and the new vaccines developed with Trump’s help.

So how are they going to justify more stringent controls? Prepare, sounds like it’s coming.


Some are already suggesting that children are more susceptible to this new U.K. strain, despite the fact they don’t have enough evidence yet.

Now there isn’t any reason to suggest yet that even if it’s more contagious it’s more virulent or that the vaccine wouldn’t cover it as well. Viruses like this are always mutating. We’ve already had multiple strains already.

But, bottom line? They like the control that we’ve ceded to them and they’re not going to give it up easily. They’re going to do all they can to hold onto it and nothing helps that more than to keep everything in constant crisis.

They have no care for the harm they’ve already caused, which is incalculable from lost lives, lost businesses, lost jobs and moments that we can never have back that were stolen. But perhaps one of the worst things is how many Americans have just willingly ceded their rights and their freedoms for “safety.”

What will those folks say now when Joe Biden is telling them there’s no apparent end in sight yet, that things will get even worse?


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