Biden Already Backtracking on 'Day One' Immigration Promises, Americans Skewer Him for Hypocrisy

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Remember during the campaign how Democrats and Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump over his immigration policies?

This, despite the fact that it was only Trump’s absolute persistence that led to new and creative ways to stop the influx of illegal immigration that the Obama administration had failed to address. Among other things, in addition to building some of the wall, Trump essentially worked a deal with Mexico making Mexico itself a “wall,” with the Mexican government working to stop the influx at their southern border. This, in the face of constant obstruction by Democrats working against him at every turn and demonizing him.

Remember how they attacked Trump for the “cages” (that weren’t actually cages but large temporary holding areas) that Barack Obama/Joe Biden actually had built? Remember how Biden promised he was going to roll back all of those horrible Trump things day one?

So guess what? Is Biden going to do away with all of what Trump put in place if he gets in?

Not so much.

According to The Washington Post, “Top advisers to president-elect Joe Biden said Monday they will not immediately roll back asylum restrictions at the Mexico border and other restrictive Trump administration policies, walking back some of Biden’s campaign promises for ‘Day One’ changes.”

So unlike Trump who kept his promises in the face of great adversity, Biden isn’t even in office and he’s bailing on them, showing how they were all for show to begin with. Everything he said was just about getting elected and trying to rip on Trump. Hope any of the left who were tricked into voting for him gets what an empty suit he really is. Meanwhile, and of course, media never called him out on the facts or said how hypocritical he was.

No, because he “means well” and it “takes time.” About four years with no more coverage, like when these kids held up this banner.

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