NYC Restaurant Owners Have the Perfect Response to Governor Cuomo, He's Not Going to Like This

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If there was an award for the worst possible response to a pandemic, surely Governor Andrew Cuomo would not only be in the lead, but it would be hard to argue against him winning it.


Cuomo was responsible for an order forcing nursing homes to accept Wuhan coronavirus patients. Thousands of New Yorkers in nursing homes died in the wake of that order. His health department then changed the way nursing home deaths were counted after the scandal hit to cover-up exactly how many deaths were involved, we still don’t know exactly.

Then he tried to blame President Donald Trump for New York leading the nation in deaths, despite the fact that he had previously praised Trump for providing all kinds of help for the city.

Despite his horrible response, he was lauded by the liberal media for his response, who made him into a hero and even spoke about him as a possible presidential candidate at some future point.

Then with absolutely no self-awareness, he wrote a book lauding his response while the pandemic was still ongoing and despite so many deaths in New York.

Not only has he exacerbated nursing home deaths with his order, he’s also exacerbated businesses going under with arbitrary restrictions.

Restaurant owners in New York City have had enough and they’re letting him know in a very direct way. He is no longer welcome in any of their restaurants.

A group of restaurants agitating to reopen indoor dining have joined together to ban him from their restaurants.


From Washington Examiner:

“He can eat at some sh—- roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in New York City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” said bar owner Larry Baird.

Members of a Facebook group by the name of “NYC Restaurant Open,” which is comprised of several restaurant and bar owners from the city, have signaled support for the Cuomo ban.

“Completely schizophrenic behavior,” one group member said. “How are they coming up with these rules is beyond any logical reasoning.”

“He can dine at Gracie Mansion if wants hospitality in Manhattan,” another member added. “He ain’t getting it here!”

Cuomo has banned indoor dining once again in NYC earlier in the month, claiming that “with the rate of transmission, the density and crowding,” it was a “bad situation.”

In fact, the science suggests that the rate of transmission in restaurants in New York City, such as they can assess it, is rare. Only 1.3 percent of COVID 19 infections come from bars and restaurants in the city, according to the statistics. Yet Cuomo is willing to destroy a whole industry with all of the jobs and people’s lives associated with it. Over 1000 restaurants have closed permanently in New York City because of these restrictions.


Little about such restrictions seems truly based on science and statistics, but rather more based upon power and control.

So some like Mac’s Public House owner Danny Presti have gotten inventive when it comes to getting around the restrictions. He’s declared his place an “autonomous zone” where the food and drinks are “free” but people can leave “donations.”

“It doesn’t seem like we can do business,” said Mac’s Public House owner Danny Presti, who was arrested earlier this month in connection to refusing lockdown orders. “So here’s what we’re going to do for everybody: We’re going to give away everything for free. So now you can come to Mac’s Public House, and you can eat for free and you can drink for free. We just ask that you do make a donation toward us so that we can still pay our bills.”

This will hit the narcissistic governor right where he lives. Watch for the ensuing tantrum when he hears this.


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