'Deal' Reached Over Portland Autonomous Zone, Mayor Not Only Caves, But Apologizes in Disgusting Display

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

We’ve been bringing you the tale of the Little Red House on the Mississippi (Ave) in Portland.

A Portland family owned the red house which was foreclosed on and sold two years ago. They have since been fighting being evicted. In the past few months, Antifa has moved in with them and in the nearby lot and wreaked havoc in the neighborhood, with multiple police calls to the neighborhood. The courts finally had enough and order them evicted and the police went in to do that. They were then attacked by Antifa with rocks, smashing the windows of police vehicles and drove the cops away.


Antifa then constructed an autonomous zone around the house and dubbed it the “Red House Autonomous Zone.”

Mayor Wheeler made a tough statement that they might be dealt with, there would be no autonomous zone and then did nothing. Then Antifa expanded the RHAZ to several blocks because of the inaction by the police. It became a complete pithole and was being manned by armed patrols of Antifa.

Then we brought you the backstory how, no, the family wasn’t going to be out on the street in the middle of a pandemic as activists had been trying to suggest and sell as a plaintive narrative. They actually owned a home about two miles away, this was a second property. But hey, they were able to raise $300,000 with a GoFundMe. Meanwhile of course the owner who bought it two years ago, and has had to deal with all this crazy, offered to sell the property back to them for what he paid for it.


So what’s the latest?

It appears that the city has reached a deal with the occupiers. What was the deal? Well, it sounds like a complete cave. The occupiers agreed to take down the fortifications blocking the road if the city stopped trying to evict them. Of course, now the area is a complete wreck and some of the people are still occupying the area, according to the local news. There was reports of a deal with the new owner but then that was denied by the family.

Yet, he actually, incredibly, apologized to them.

Remember Antifa attacked the police and the occupiers have been causing all kinds of problems now for months.

Listen to this report on how they have wrecked the neighborhood and even damaged a building designed to help give a head start to black children. Neighbors are just fed up.


Mayor Wheeler apparently acknowledged that his actions might lead to more occupations because the occupiers got their way, but he said he hope it didn’t. He also could not give any assurances that his administration could stop a similar situation in the future.

What a sad example of Democratic leadership this all is. This is what happens when you give up the rule of law and sanity, to pander to activists.


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