Bill Barr's DOJ DID Confirm There Was an Investigation Into Hunter Biden Before the Election, Most Media Just Ignored It

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One of the challenging things that we have to deal with it, unfortunately, is that mainstream media is often both ignorant and deceptive. So it’s a constant problem of having to weed out what’s being thrown at you to get to the truth.


Take the case of Hunter Biden and the investigations involving the Biden family.

Most of the mainstream media, if they reported on the stories at all, painted the stories emerging about the Biden scandal as conspiracy or “Russian disinformation” despite the evidence to the contrary. They not only claimed there wasn’t anything to the story but they actively suppressed it, preventing the story from being spread.

This despite the fact that there was evidence that an investigation was underway, as George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley observes.

[Hunter Biden’s] laptop was evidently subpoenaed in 2019, and its emails were said to be packed with incriminating accounts of millions in payments or gifts and references to Joe Biden himself. A key business associate of the Bidens, Anthony Bobulinski, confirmed the authenticity of the emails and accused Joe Biden of lying about his involvement before the election. Yet most media reported none of that.

One of the recent stories that’s simply false, but that is being repeated by conservative media is that Attorney General Bill Barr did not confirm there was an investigation into Hunter Biden prior to the election.

That’s simply not true. In fact, the DOJ did confirm there was an investigation, as CNN is now admitting.

From CNN:

The investigation began as early as 2018, predating the arrival of William Barr as US attorney general, two people briefed on the investigation said. The existence of the probe will present an immediate test of Biden’s promise to maintain the independence of the Justice Department.

Sinclair Broadcast Group reported in October that the FBI had opened a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. CNN has learned new details about the scope of the probe, including that it is focused on China.


I reported about the investigation that involved Jim Biden in February and now information has come out on another investigation in Pittsburgh.

But people are beating up Attorney General Bill Barr for supposedly not confirming it when in fact his office did confirm it. It isn’t considered proper to spill a lot of dirt and it can impair the investigation if you do. But he did confirm it.

Of course, what is unforgivable is that the MSM then sat on it and refused to report that confirmation until now. That’s who really prevented Americans from knowing what was going on, not Barr.


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