Whitmer Has State Police in Michigan Block GOP Electors From Getting Into State House to Vote for Trump, Pence

Democratic National Convention via AP

As we reported earlier, the Republicans are pulling a procedural move to help preserve the election. They have an “alternate slate” of Republican electors in the contested battleground states casting their votes for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. That way they’ve protected their rights in the event they prevail in the legal cases. The Congress and state legislatures then have an alternate slate to choose from.


Stephen Miller explains:

But Democrats are always Democrats.

While the Republicans are trying to do this by the Constitution and have their electors vote in the state houses, the Democrats in Michigan would appear to be behind trying to block them from doing so.

The GOP electors marched to the state house but then were met at the door by the State Police and not allowed to enter as the Democrats were inside voting for Joe Biden.

The police said that the electors had to “ask the Governor’s office,” making it clear that this was a Democratic move.


Talk about acting unconstitutionally! It’s, of course, Gov. Whitmer and Michigan. GOP electors voting went off without a hitch in the other contested states.

Ian Northon, an attorney with the Amistad Project, called out the Democrats for stopping them from doing their duty.


They reportedly voted anyway, but were unable to present the vote in the state house.

This is really concerning that they did this, especially in light of all the questions that were raised in Michigan and even now, findings of bigger underlying issues in Antrim County.



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