Politico Reporter Drops Info on Investigation Involving Biden's Brother Jim, Conservatives Eat Them Alive for Prior Spinning

One of the things that’s been most infuriating about media like CNN suddenly “discovering” the story of allegations and recognizing Hunter Biden was under investigation by federal authorities was that all this information was readily available before the election. But MSM chose not only to sit on it but actively suppress it from coming out and informing the public.


Now that they believe Joe Biden has won the election, whoops, suddenly, the information comes out. CNN was perturbed that the Biden transition team rather than respond to their inquiry about their pending story, published a press release to spin and blunt their story. In the release, transition team, using transition team monies and a transition website, all paid for by the taxpayers then defended Hunter Biden and also published his statement, a clearly improper use of the transition proceeds.

So I wanted to bring you Politico’s awakening to not just to the investigation into Hunter but the investigation that involves Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s bother, as well.


Well, lo and behold, they finally discovered that too! I reported on the investigation back in February.

All this information has been available for months, well before the election. But the federal authorities literally sat on the investigation during the election and national media sat on any Hunter or Jim Biden news and Joe’s connection to it. I reported not only on Hunter but on the PA investigation that Politico seems only to be discovering now.

Again, not only did they just not report it, they actively attacked it, as this tweet from conservative Rita Panahi shows, suggesting it was “Russian disinformation.”

They even used the same picture!

It was that deception that factored into some Biden voters voting for him, as we reported, had they known, at least 4% wouldn’t have voted for him, completely changing the election.

All this information was there to be found to know it wasn’t “disinformation” but legitimate federal investigations underway for some pretty weighty concerns, including the connection to China. But media just didn’t want you to know.


So why are they letting it out now? Why isn’t Twitter flagging it as they do other truthful but harmful to Democrats posts?

That’s an intriguing question. They think Biden one so they no longer have to sit on it. Or they’re now moving into the next phase: get Joe out so Kamala Harris can take over?

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