Antifa Attack Police and Erect a New 'Autonomous Zone' That Looks Like a Three Year Old Built It

Antifa Attack Police and Erect a New 'Autonomous Zone' That Looks Like a Three Year Old Built It
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Antifa is now erecting a new autonomous zone in Portland that looks like a three year old built it.

No offense to three year olds who are probably all brighter than this crew of folks behind this effort. But remember when you built a fort out of your blankets and mattresses as a kid? This has the same fine construction quality as that effort. Or less.

They were there trying to prevent people from being evicted out of a red house on Mississippi Avenue.

Earlier, police raided the house and seized guns, according to Oregon Live. Seven people were arrested.

Antifa called for reinforcements. About 200 people showed up.

They actually attacked the police with rocks and smashed one of the squad car windows. They chased the police away.

They then seized the area around the house for their autonomous zone.

They used power tools to build that? A good SWAT van with a battering ram would knock that over in a red hot minute. And they may find that out yet.

Protesters for months camped at the house and an adjacent empty lot to oppose the removal of the house’s occupants — a Black and Indigenous family that has lived there for decades but had been foreclosed on.

Police said they have received numerous complaints from the neighborhood about the camp. From Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, the police bureau reported it had received more than 80 calls for a variety of issues, including fights, shots fired, noise and threats.

Law enforcement said Tuesday they were at the property, which is in the 4400 block of North Mississippi Avenue, to assist in allowing the new owners access to the property. It marked at least the second time law enforcement officers have visited the property in recent months.

Law? What’s the law? New owners? Hey, too bad. Antifa is throwing a tantrum because laws don’t apply when they don’t want them to.

Police are warning they may come back and use force. Um, guys? You don’t have to give them warning. These people assaulted you with rocks, all of them involved should be under arrest. Yes, and when they attack you with rocks and block off a busy street, you get to respond back with a little force despite whatever your ridiculous Mayor tells you. The longer you wait, the more people they’ll pack in there and they may just try to figure out how to reinforce those ridiculous barriers.

How insane is this where the police have to basically plead with radicals to behave themselves? But just remember, according to Joe Biden, this isn’t organized, it’s all just an “idea.”

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