Unhinged: Oregon Teacher Has a Total Meltdown on Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

There are a lot of things that have been injurious to the country because of the reaction to the Wuhan coronavirus.

It’s not just that the government lockdowns that have hurt people’s jobs and the economy.

The edicts and fear-mongering have split the public, and incited a hysteria over a virus that has over a 99% survival rate which allows no science or any other considerations into that hysterical world view.

Here’s a good example of that, allegedly from an Oregon teacher who loses it on anti-lockdown people who are fighting for their very survival.

You can hear her say “Kill yourself!” and that she’s a teacher. But little more beyond “f**k you” is comprehensible as she just loses it.

Does it occur to her that these people may include the parents of her students? Beyond that, that this is not rational behavior for a teacher to display? Can we say conduct unbecoming?

She truly thinks these people are evil for just wanting to survive. Notice she doesn’t appear at all concerned about their plight. Meanwhile, she’s pulled down her mask and is screaming at people, spewing God knows what in their general direction, likely not understanding that action increases the spread if she has it (or perhaps not caring).

To think that any students are in the hands of someone so unhinged.

Going to guess that this teacher is still getting a paycheck and doesn’t have to worry about her survival or that of her family. But she really needs to get some help if this is the way that she responds.

You wonder why more and more students are being indoctrinated to the left.

Things like this are just going to add to the huge boom in homeschooling and private school.

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