Oregon Gave an Antifa Support Group Your CARES Act COVID Relief Tax Dollars During Riots

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Our friends over at PJ Media have an exclusive that’s more than a little infuriating.

You may be living in a state with lockdowns that have made it difficult to go to work. Your job and your livelihood may be impacted. You may be wondering how you can keep it all together.


But never fear. While you may be trying to figure out how you’re going to make it, Oregon is giving those big virus relief bucks from your tax dollars to an Antifa support group.

According to PJ Media, SNACK BLOC, the group that has provided support to “protesters” during Portland’s 100 plus days of BLM/Antifa rioting, looting, and burning, got a ton of money. Their Twitter account just seemed to start in June. In September, Snack Bloc indicated they were at the home of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (when it was protested and attacked). “You know you’re the fu–ing mayor, right? Like we’re at your building because we want YOU to stop the police officers from ‘repeatedly striking’ individuals.”

Willamette Week says the group has existed for three years but became a 501(C)(3) organization in June. The paper called them a “protest support and mutual aid group…that’s provided resources for almost 100 days of protests across Portland.”

Along with organizing its own events, Snack Bloc has been at seemingly every protest, march and vigil around the city over the past three months, providing snacks, water and supplies to protesters at the Stripper Strike, BLM Art Therapy and rallies across Portland.


The group even put out a video you can see here for Ted Wheeler’s birthday calling to “Defund, Dismantle, and BURN IT DOWN. ✊🏾 Resources for the REVOLUTION.”

The group hasn’t tweeted since September, although they’re still getting money on Venmo. But hey they got their relief money, right?

Exactly how much relief money did this group get?

The Oregon Health Authority gave them a grant award of $145,000 from the $45 million that the state got in federally-funded CARES Act money, according to PJ Media. From all of our tax dollars. Is it possible that Oregon was unaware of what the group did? Nope. They were fully aware, that’s part of the reason they gave them the money.

When the awards were made in September, the head of the OHA said they were fully aware of the group’s receiving the money and noted how “vital” they are to “their communities” for the “collective work” to end racism, “especially relating to COVID-19.”

“We look forward to partnering with these remarkable organizations and communities, who do such vital work to serve their communities,” said Patrick Allen, OHA director. “We are deeply aware how these organizations’ linkages and knowledge of their communities and the challenges they face are so important to bringing resources to help. We look forward to the collective work to continue to meaningfully address the systemic racism and structural inequities that have caused so much health disparity, especially relating to COVID-19.”

Patrick Allen claimed that the money would go to groups “disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.”

The grants focus resources on communities most disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and programs that will address health and economic disruptions, food insecurity and housing, and safety and violence prevention, among other aspects of need.


Safety and violence prevention? Are they kidding? Could you think of anything that would less fit into those parameters?


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