Media Gives Joe Biden a Kid Glove Sponge Bath With Their Latest Headline About His Broken Foot

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden isn’t president-elect yet. And yes, that mask looks silly. Get a real N95 mask, Joe.

But we’re already seeing liberal media doing the fawning “dear leader” nonsense that they did with Barack Obama, maybe even more so, because he needs propping up more, with stories you never would see them give President Donald Trump.


Everything that Trump did was to be spun to a negative. But Biden is gold, just by his mere existence.

The first came stories about his socks.

Then came how we was going to bring dogs, and yes, even a cat back to the White House.

Hunter Biden? Who? Scandal? Biden incoherence? What? Nope, nothing bad about Joe Biden exists. At least not until Kamala Harris could then take over.

But we have to give today’s suck up to Biden and the Democrats award to Slate for their headline on Joe Biden breaking his foot over the weekend. Biden had multiple hairline fractures midfoot. His team claimed that he “slipped” while playing with his dog, Major.


How did Slate describe it? Take a look at this description.

“Biden Breaks Foot Engaging in Tried-and-True Expression of Presidential Vigor.” Wait, what? Are they kidding?

Because nothing Biden does bespeaks of vigor, they have to overdo it to this level. And because once again it raises questions about Biden health, they have to paint whatever happened as somehow “vigorous.” Sorry, “slipped” while playing with his dog doesn’t sound “vigorous” guys, sell it somewhere else. But imagine someone actually sitting down to write such things. Did that person ever want to be a real journalist or were they happy with being a Democratic operative/party scribe?

But they’re not biased, no siree.

If Trump had broken his foot and then withheld the story for a day, then tried to block press from seeing him go into the doctor’s office, as Biden in fact did, can you imagine how the media would have responded?

Yet, Biden did that and you get “presidential vigor.” With Trump they would make up some story about what happened, say the dog attacked him or that he kicked the dog.




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